E.A. Tsvetaev, a famous psychiatrist, compared Kundalini to the atomic energy, and working with it should be very delicate. Yet, the one, who invokes it, obtains tremendous abilities and possibilities! In yoga psychology this is known as the kundalini , the serpent power , the coiled energy . Tantric yogis believe that it is the nuclear energy of the human psychophysical system . It is comparable to the nuclear energy of the atom .

Kundalini is the primordial energy of consciousness (caitanya sakti) that lies dormant at the base of the spine in the causal body of all beings, and in every atom of the universe. It is the spiritual potential force of the Cosmic Power. Kundalini maintains the individual soul through the subtle prana. The subtle prana is connected with the subtle nadis and chakras, and the nadis are connected with the mind, which is linked to all the parts of the body. When kundalini Sakti is dormant or is active only in the lower three chakras, a person has only a finite experience. When Kundalini is aroused and ascends upward, she withdraws into herself the moving powers of creation, and unites with pure consciousness (Siva). This is the reverse process of the evolution of the mind and the five gross elements.

Kundalini: The spiritual awakening of a sadhaka is described in Tantra by means of the kundalini power. The idea of kundalini has permeated Hindu spiritual thoughts deeply. Every genuine spiritual experience, such as the seeing of light or a vision, or communion with the deity, is a manifestation of the awakening and ascent of the kundalini. Kundalini is the infinite energy in potential form in every being that releases only a very small amount of working energy for one’s daily life. The coiled up kundalini is the pivot upon which the complex apparatus of the body and mind moves and turns. Once the kundalini is aroused, the potential gets converted into the kinetic, like the release of energy from a huge reservoir or as during an atomic explosion. The release of this power, through Tantra sadhana, or by other means like concentration, results in both worldly success, and also in spiritual attainments, depending on the desire of the concerned person. When the latent energy is released in full, an aspirant breaks all fetters that chain him to the worldly existence, and he merges with the supreme consciousness, God.

The passage of the awakened kundalini lies through a nerve centre, sushumana, that normally remains closed for the common person. When the consciousness of a person is awakened, the kundalini (or, the centre of consciousness) passes through Sushumna in which each chakra looks like a different coloured lotus with varying numbers of petals. In the case of an ordinary person, these centres (chakras) are closed, and the lotuses droop down like buds. But as the kundalini rises through the Sushumna and touches the centres, these buds turn upward as fully opened flowers and the aspirant obtains spiritual experiences, along with the indomitable power that is seen in spiritual persons.

The seventh center, the “thousand-petalled lotus ,” is situated at the top of the head and corresponds to the pineal gland.

“The serpent power, forming an eightfold coil above the “bulb” (kanda), remains there all the while covering with its face the opening of the door to the Absolute. Through that door the safe door to the Absolute can be reached. Covering that door with her face, the great Goddess is asleep [in the ordinary individual’. Awakened through buddhi-yoga together with mind and breath, she rises upward through the sushumna like a thread through a needle. Sleeping in the form of a serpent, resembling a resplendent cord, she, when awakened by the Yoga of fire [i.e., mental concentration and breath control’, rises upward through the sushumna. Just as one may forcibly open a door with a key, so the yogin should break open the door to liberation by means of the kundalini.”

Kundalini is a conscious and intelligent force. It is more than power or cosmic capacity. It is both physical and spiritual energy. The experience itself is physical. The energy itself is spiritual. Mastery of this inner fire is the yoga practice of awakening kundalini. This is one energy with many names and forms. Each time the energy takes on a new form, we give it a new name.

Sbakd becomes kundalini sbakti, or simply kundalini. Kundalini is represented by the serpent. She is normally dormant, coiled around a linga with her mouth at the first knot. To awaken kundalini sbakti, regulate the flow of prima, and withdraw from the right and left nadis to direct energy into the central channel. The body is like an electromagnet. Like the physics of electromagnetism, the poles of the body occur at the root, heart, and skull. As electrons move, like in magnetism, the brain is triggered into visionary, auditory, and other sensual experiences. In the subtle anatomy of the body, there are energetic hot spots.

The cbakras located where the opposite energies cross are balanced front to back, side to side and top to bottom. Grans are knots where energies can get stuck. Brahma grand is located at the root, Vishnu grand at the heart, Rudra grand at the brow center. Related to the subtle energy of the chakras are the electrically receptice points called merman. We can think of these points like nerve channels or nadis. They can be stimulated to open receptively and creatively. Mannar are psychosomatic foci of life energy. They are vulnerable places in the body critical to wellbeing. In Ayruveda of the Rig Veda, 107 manna points are listed. In South Indian Martial Arts there is reference to 160-220 manna points. The potential energy of kundalini is also like a nuclear reaction; bombardment of the atomic nucleus with high energy particles destabilizes the atom and leads to a release of tremendous energy. This is the same as mystical and psychotic experiences, potent, and potentially dangerous. Some symptoms of the kundalini experience are intense heat, light, sound, taste, smell; divine touch, splitting headaches, out of body experiences, and psychotic episodes. Care and accuracy are necessary to avoid harsh and intense experiences. We are different as a result of the awakening.

Tantric yogis firmly believe that the energy or the nuclear energy existing in the human psycho physical is actually comparable to that of atomic nuclear energy. As atomic energy is released through the bombardment of the atomic nucleus or the core with high voltage alpha particles similarly, the high pressure of the concentrated biological psychic energy if mobilized by methods like mental focusing can unleash the immense power of the psycho nuclear energy of man.

This pressure of bio-psychic energy if harnessed properly gives a great sideways push and produces quite a few beneficial effects on the body, like:

1.Helps control and channel the sexual libido( retas ) into the much more subtler and purer ego – transcending or trans personal Being-energy (ojas).

2. If the psycho nuclear energy is awakened in a proper manner, it will then automatically appropriate the valve energy or the ojas, which would then produce an upward movement along the central canal (sushumna) of the spinal cord.

3. Will help the overworked, external organs of the body to rest by withdrawing a notable amount of energy from the muscles, nerves etc of the external organs. Also helps in keeping stress out from the vital organs of the human body.

4. Helps in slowly opening or activating the numerous energy centers and associated glands of the body. Thus if the focused meditation is done through days on end, it will help the body and the mind to explore the higher levels of consciousness, which are normally unattainable

Modern sciences of all sorts, uniformly agree that at the bottom of everything, all existence is energy. And the Indian Tantric system too agrees on this point by proclaiming the importance of energy and by focusing on ways of cultivating and harnessing, this driving force behind everything-energy. According to Tantric parlance, the primordial energy is termed the mahashakti.

The Vedas tell us that the all pervading divine energy or the state of super consciousness and attainment of pure wisdom is experienced and attained by a person meditating at the absolute highest stage of cosmic consciousness.

Some believe that the primal energy or the kundalini is controlled by the right vagous nerve that controls the nerve phlex of the autonomic nervous system or the ANS. Therefore through mediation when the vital centre in the medulla oblongata is stimulated the functions of vital organs like the lung, heart and larynx are slightly inhibited while the functions of other organs like the stomach, intestine and digestive glands are increased.

The kundalini being the nuclear energy of the psycho physical system, when awakened stimulates the physical, vital, mental and spiritual senses of the human body. Some people call it the bio nuclear, others refer to it as the psycho nuclear energy, but it really encompasses all categories and attempts to name or classify it, for it is the most powerful nuclear energy governing man’s existence.

In yoga psychology this is known as the kundalini , the serpent power , the coiled energy . Tantric yogis believe that it is the nuclear energy of the human psychophysical system . It is comparable to the nuclear energy of the atom .

Generally dormant Kundalini Shakti in Muladhara is spontaneously awakened with the grace of God. If Kundalini is awakened without prior purifying of the body, mind and spirit, it may give a trouble to yogis. Some times its huge mysterious power is uncontrollable by the yogis, as the inner passage of Sushumana in the spine is blocked and not prepared for it. The danger is less if it rushes upward without any blockade in Sushumana but more if it turns downwards or sideways. But a yogi should not be afraid of awakening of his Kundalini, if he is practicing and following all the Yog-Sutras properly. So before awakening of Kundalini, he must purify his body, mind and soul otherwise it may give him some trouble.

The process of involution (the journey back to God) and spiritual unfoldment starts only after the awakening of Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini is an initiation for entry into the ocean of divine knowledge and God’s kingdom. As the Kundalini crosses the Chakras one by one, there are some subtle mystic inner experiences of other worlds to the yogi and he achieves many Riddhis and Siddhis (divine miraculous powers and knowledge). No self-realization is possible without awakening and rushing up all the seven Chakras by the Kundalini Shakti and lastly merging in Sahasrara. Without awakening of his Kundalini Shakti and raising it up to Sahasrara there can’t be any spiritual Guru.

Ascending Kundalini is seen clairvoyantly as a golden-yellow stream that flows up the spinal cord to the brain, where it spreads out as a golden rain and vivifies the brain, causirv; the pituitary and pineal glands to show tiny flames as the etheric energy passes around them and out through the top of the head, the Brahmaranda Chakra. Before these Chakras can be consciously employed as organs of higher perception, the Serpent Fire, or Kundalini, must be aroused and, flowing upward, must vivify the seven centers in passing from the base of the spine to the brain. The pituitary and pineal glands then blaze with light and power and continuous interaction or “sparking” takes place between them. The main stream of Kundalini passes around them and out through the now-opened BRAHAMARANDA CHAKRA of the “Thousand-Pedalled Lotus.” The AJNA CHAKRA, connected with the pituitary gland, is now more plainly visible, also the VISHUDDA CHAKRA or thyroid center.

The Magnus Opus, or the Great Work, of the alchemists was the trans-mutation of man’s creative energy from the animal to the superhuman level by bringing it from the pelvis to the brain. This energy is Kundalini, or the Ser-pent Fire, In an interesting book, “Thearphia Practica,” by Johann Gichel, a pupil of Jacob Boehme, we find an interesting picture which shows the body of a man with the Serpent Fire coiled up at the base of the spine in the shape of a dragon and the different centers or chakras indicated as the parts of the body through which this serpent fire had to pass in its upward passage. This upward and inward turning of the creating energy in man, which in its lower manifestations goes outward and downard in the form of sexual activity, is the Magnus Opus or Divine Transmutation which was the goal of the true alchemist.

Kundalini is Cosmic Life Energy in the human body, which lies latent within the nuclei of all cells. Through its slow release, this energy releases the fire of life. By yogic practices, this cosmic energy is concentrated first within the spinal canal and then in the brain, which is what is meant by the awakening and ascent of Kundalini. When yogis are able to live for months under the ground without breathing, it is Kundalini that keeps them alive. When the Serpent Fire is released, it burns up all the dross of the body, immortalizing the cells as it purifies them. Kundalini is latent interatomic energy existing locked in the nuclei of all atoms which compose the nuclei of the cells of the body. It is really interatomic energy, and its source is cosmic radiation. Since this tremendous power, once awakened and placed under voluntary control, which it is the object of Yoga to achieve, can be used destructively as well as constructively, initiates who possess knowledge how to do so guard their secret jealously, lest it fall into the hands of the unworthy who may misuse it.

The ascent of Kundalini encounters difficulties at the “three knots,” particularly the abdominal knot, which may be attended by pain. These “knots” are where the sympathetic and central nervous systems join, where Ida and Pingala cross the spine, and are the points at which the Chakras converge. The wand of Mercury, with the coiled two snakes crossing each other at the points of the wand, illustrate this relation. The union of Kundalini with these Chakras is the path that leads to liberation. When it reaches the brain, Kundalini imparts to it extended or cosmic consciousness (Samhadi).

Kundalini, when amused, is felt as intense head in the spine. As it ascends the lower limbs become inert and as cold as a corpse; so does every part of the body when Kundalini leaves it. This is because Kundalini is the cosmic power which supports the body. On the other hand, the upper part of the body becomes lustrous, warm, and animated. When the process is com-pleted and cosmic consciousness (Samhadi) is attained, the yogi sits rigid in his selected posture and the only trace of warmth in the whole body is to be found in the crown of the head. The body becomes cold and lifeless, but as Kundalini moves down again, vitality and normal consciousness return to the rest of the body.

When Kundalini is in the brain, the yogi must use all his powers to retain it them, as the natural tendency is to return to the point of its origin at the base of the spine. The longer this is done, the nearer does he come to the perfect state in which it can be permanently retained in the brain. Liberation is not attained by stirring up Kundalini and fixing it in any of the lowest centers. Liberation is attained only when Kundalini takes up its permanent residence in the brain. After remaining there a time, some yogis lead Kundalini down to the heart center. Great power is gained by a yogi who can retain Kundalini in the brain three days and three nights.

The secret of awakening Kundalini is to open the entrance of the spinal canal, which is ordinarily closed at the base. This is an internal operation which is achieved by yoga methods. Usually the coiled Serpent closes the Gate of Brahma, while sleeping in a coiled condition at the base of the spine. To awaken Kundalini, this Serpent must be aroused from its slumber. In other words, this force must be raised from its latent, potential, inactive state to one of activity and then brought up to the pineal gland which it causes to glow by electrifying it. While kundalini sleeps at the base of the spine, one lives In a world of illusion, but when awakened and ascended, and after absorbing all the Tattvas (planetary vibrations) of the Chakras, one reaches a higher state of consciousness (Sarnhadi), which occurs when Kundalini ascends to the brain.

Kundalini, when awakened and released, is an Inner Fire which by yogic practices is kindled into flares which burn up the dross of the body, leading to complete physiological purification and rejuvenation. Alternate rhythmic breathing through each nostril in turn causes a stream of positively and negatively charged ions or free protons and electrons to flow down the Ida and Pingala nerves on each side of the spine and to finally strike the Kundalini Force at its base, which is brought from a state of latency to one of dynamic activity. Fortunately, only a small part of this energy is released, for were it all released, the body would be burnt up and disappear.

The ascent of Kundalini from center to center until it reaches the brain may take years to achieve in sore and months in others, depending on the intensity of the individual’s efforts exerted in yoga postures and breathing exercises in an attempt to arouse the Serpent Fire.

A person who has awakened Kundalini sees it as a central fire that raises up through the spinal canal to the brain, which becomes radiant. Fire is seen flashing from center to center with such rapidity that little can be seen of its movements. The fire ascends to the pineal gland in the center of the brain, which becomes luminous. An intense heat is felt first at the base of the spine and then up through it as Kundalini ascends.

The Kundalini Force cores from a Cosmic Sun, the central sun of our universe and is a force distinct from Prana, which is derived from ions that cos-mic rays form after they strike the earth’s atmosphere. When buried under-ground for long periods of time, yogis are able to keep alive for long periods of time without breathing or taking in Prana, depending cn Kundalini alone. Kundalini, through cosmic radiations that are picked up by the nuclei of all  cells, is thus the origin of life. Ordinarily the opening of the spinal canal at the bottom of the spine is sealed, but through yogic exercises may be opened.

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