Chasing immortality, The Foundational Life, The Marriage of Heaven and Earth, Be Wise as a Serpent, Second chakra and the Economic Beast System

Campbell explores the theory that important myths from around the world, which have survived for thousands of years, all share a fundamental structure, which Campbell called the monomyth. In a well-known quote from the introduction to The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell summarized the monomyth: “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man”

Chasing immortality

The Book of Gates is also referred to as the Book of Pylons and the Book of Portals (Murdock 272). This book is a myth about the sun god written during the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BcE). The book is dominated by giant serpents who guard the 12 gates and assist the Sun God through his journey.

The walls were in many cases covered with sculptured and painted scenes depicting the dead king in the presence of deities, especially the gods of the underworld, and with illustrated magical texts similar to those found in funerary papyri, designed to help him on his journey through the nether regions. There were a number of these texts; they represent differing but not necessarily conflict-ing views of the afterlife, in which the king had to undergo trials and surmount perils. In the “Book of That Which Is in the Underworld,” for instance, he travels in the boat of the sun god through n divisions that represent the 12 hours of the night. In the “Book of Gates,” giant serpents guard the portals through which the sun has to pass as strange demons help or hinder the boat on its way.

Both Nicolas and the ajkun agree that a giant serpent guards the interior of the cave. In the latter account, the body of the serpent is “endless,” extending deep into the cavern’s interior. It is possible that the serpent is a zoomorphic metaphor for the winding passageway of the tunnel itself which leads out of the underworld. In Classic Maya iconography, ancient kings and other elite individuals have the ability to open a portal into the underworld by conjuring a gigantic snake, called a “vision serpent” (Stuart 1988, 183-185; Freidel et al. 1993, 207-210; Miller and Taube 1993, 150). Through the open maw of this monster individuals descend into the underworld. Thus on the sarcophagus lid of Hanab Pakal at Palenque, the deceased lord falls into the open jaws of the underworld in the form of an open-mouthed serpent. Alternatively, ancestral spirits could emerge from the underworld serpent’s jaws to communicate with mortals or bestow tokens of power, as seen on Lintel 25 from Yaxchilan . Cave entrances are often pictured in pre-Columbian art as the open mouth of a serpent or jaguar as the most prominent physical symbol of an underworld portal in the earth (Bassie-Sweet 1991; Stone 1995, 23).

That ( giant ) guards the way we have mentioned so that no one escapes alive past him without being destroyed

They manage to escape , helping each other to freedom — symbolized by the giant feathered serpent that guards the path . The workers change from faceless forms to individual beings as they follow the serpent’s tail to their own destiny.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent is a sea serpent, the middle child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða

The serpent Midgardsonn or Jiir-mundgaudr, who en. circles and guards the earth.


• Jormungandr is a sea serpent.
• Jormungandr is also known as the Midgard Serpent
• He is the son of Loki, the Norse god of mischief.

Jörmungandr is also known as the Midgarðsormr (Midgard Serpent or the World Serpent). … Jörmungandr, like his brother and sister, also lives in one of the three realms of death in Norse mythology.

Jormungandr: “Great Beast,” also known as “Midgard Serpent”; he is said to live in the ocean and is so large that his body, if touching end to end, surrounds the Midgard (the visible world).

Jormungand Jormungand, whose name translates as ‘great beast’ or ‘great monster’, was the most monstrous of Loki’s children, taking the form of a huge serpent. Odin got rid of the serpent – at least for a time – by hurling it into the sea surrounding Midgard, where it grew to such a great size that it encircled the whole world and could swallow its own tail. Thus Jormungand is also known as the Midgard Serpent or the World Serpent.

He is a water serpent . Because he rules the Waters

The Foundational Life

The first thing the serpent went after in the Garden of Eden story in Genesis 3 was Eve’s view of God. “‘You will not surely die,’ the serpent said to the woman. ‘For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”‘ . He influenced Eve to believe that God was not the all-loving, all-powerful, truthful God she had previously thought. The serpent made it seem as though God had duped Adam and Eve by telling them the forbidden tree would bring death.

He made it seem that God didn’t give them this “No Trespassing” sign out of love for their own good. Indeed, he made it appear that God’s motivation in forbidding this tree was that he didn’t want any competitors. So, the serpent suggested, if Adam and Eve were to have their eyes “opened,” they needed to eat from the forbidden tree. In reality, it was the act of believing the serpent and eating from the tree that closed their eyes and blinded them to the truth.

This lie about God is directly or indirectly behind all lies. It is impossible to have a wrong view of God and have a consistently right view of anything else—the world, oneself, other people, the purpose of life, etc.—because the proper view of everything is related to its relationship to the true God. It is no surprise, therefore, that when Adam and Eve accepted a lie about God, they instantly found themselves immersed in a lie about themselves. Whereas they were created to experience fullness of life out of their relationship with God, they now ex-perienced themselves as empty, attempting to fill their empti-ness with the forbidden wisdom of the tree.

Whereas they were created to receive life from God for free, they now experienced themselves as people who needed to do something (eat from the tree) to try to attain fullness of life. Whereas God created them to live in total openness and honesty before him and one another, they now experienced themselves as people who needed to hide from each other and from God.’ All of our emotions toward God are associated with our mental images of him.

What impacts our disposition toward God most is not our conscious beliefs about God—the Matrix is never primarily about conceptual information—but our actual re-presentations of God. To the extent that our re-presentations are skewed, our emotional response to God will be skewed and our lives will correspondingly suffer At the foundation of the Matrix are deceptive re-presentations of God.

Jesus said: Two will rest on a bed: the one will die, the one will live. Salome said: Who art thou, man, and whose (son)?* Thou didst take thy place upon my bench and eat from my table. Jesus said to her: I am He who is from the Same, to Me was given from the things of My Father. : I am Thy disciple. : Therefore I say, if he is the Same, he will be filled with light, but if he is divided, he will be filled with darkness. (Transl. comment) Lit.: as from whom. Ms.: as from somebody.

This is a form of contemplation. I would suggest that Thomas took it out of the context and thus made it enigmatic. The apparent conversation ap-pears to be between Jesus’ Higher and lower nature. Salome means perfect or peace, from Hebrew shalom: well-being. In this context Salome is inquiring into the state of conscious-ness of Jesus’ Higher Self. We must realize that no matter how advanced we may be on the path of spiritual evolution, for as long as we are on this earth, the lower self must be present to assure physical survival. That is why on one occa-sion Jesus remonstrated with a disciple who addressed Him as the Good Master. Jesus replied: Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God.’ He was attempting to explain to the disciple that as long as we live in a dual world, the balance between “good” and “bad” must be maintained. The terms are, of course, relative.

To get back to the kgion. Jesus illustrates the duality of man’s psyche: the Is and the Ra, the male and the female principles.” The two aspects of man’s nature shall enter a state of Repose (“rest on a bed”). One (conscious awareness) will die, while the soul (nephesh or the subconscious) will continue (live on, or con-tinue to function). It should be mentioned that by the sub-conscious we recognize the sum-total of our accumulated experience.

It is that state of consciousness that we have ac-quired through constant repetition of thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this case this lower soul, nephesh, is represented by Salome. Comparing to the struggles of everyday con-scious experiences, the subconscious, the accumulated “goodness”, is a state of peace. Salome (the subconscious) is aware of a different En-tity invading its awareness. It inquires into Its identity:

“Who art thou? Are you a man, and if so, from whom are you” (meaning are you born of a woman or of Spirit). Then Salome recognizes previous encounters with the Higher Self. She says: “You have made yourself known to me before, in fact, you have drawn from my offerings”. Jesus, now speaking as the Higher Self replies:

“I am He who is from the Single Source (the Same). I am the Spirit.” Salome (already the center of well-being) recognizes her own Higher Nature. She confesses that she is Its (His) disciple.” Jesus instructs Salome (or more precisely us) how to recognize her own Higher Self. If He is who He says He is, then He is no longer of a divided consciousness (i.e.: of the world of duality). And if that is so, than He must be filled with Divine Knowledge (Light). But if he is divided, i.e.: judgmental, if he is not beyond the duality of “good and evil”, than he still has not achieved divine knowledge. Essentially Jesus teaches us that the Higher Self is the Source of All. Of everything. That nothing exists outside the reality of Spirit. That any other approach is filled with darkness. Or to put it even more succinctly: God is One.

We wish to emphasize that each immortal soul is identical with a particular mode of primordial sound—a particular Divine Word. This Divine Word resides eternally within the Being of God. It constitutes the spiritual name and very being of the higher Self.

The point of enlightenment arrives when the spiritual name of the lower self (or )iva) and the spiritual name of the higher Self (atman) become indistin-guishable. At that point, the lower self merges with the higher Self, and falls into the fathomless bosom of Eternity.

Unlike the mortal soul, which has evolved and taken shape over millions of years, the higher Self or immortal soul has existed in a state of perfection and enlightenment since the beginning of time. It was with God before the Creation, and it will be with God after the dissolution of Creation. It is never really born and it cannot die. It is truly immortal.

Being one with the Divine Word and illumined with spiritual Light, each immortal soul enters into the field of time and space by passing through the blazing effulgence of the Central Sun, which may be understood as the “Mouth of God.”

The Mouth of God is the bidirectional portal or gateway to immortality. In order to enter the immortal regions of the Supreme Being, the individual soul must enter into the blazing glory of the Central Sun. It must enter into the Mouth of God and be stripped of all mortal vestments. It must be totally consumed by divinity.

On the other hand, for the immortal soul to enter of into the field of Creation, it must first emerge as Immortality divine speech from the Mouth of God. As the immortal souls, who are one with the Divine Word, pass through the blazing glory of the Central Sun and emerge from the Mouth of God, they become clothed in robes of celestial light. These robes constitute the celestial bodies that have been prepared for them by the Creator. This is how the bodiless Divine Word becomes clothed in celestial matter and is given subtle luminous form.

The subtle luminous form of the higher Self is that of the Divine Ka. Each higher Sell is fashioned In the Image of the Creator. It Is fashioned In the image of the Divine Ka of the Universe as a whole. The Divine Ka thus Is the celestial body of the higher Self. It Is the celestial vehicle by which the higher Self travels throughout the field of time and space and experiences the wonders of God’s Creation.

Upon entering Into these celestial bodies. the higher Selves. remaining birth’ less and immortal. are conceived as the offspring of God They are conceived as amrltasya putra—the sons and daughters of immortally

Although they become adorned in celestial robes, the sons and daughters of immortality are never really born. They existed before the Creation appeared. and they will exist after it has disappeared.

Having become clothed in celestial light, the higher Selves descend gradu-ally through the various layers of celestial life towards or physical plane of existence. As they descend. they gain more and more concrete knowledge about Creation along the way. Although they are permanency illumined—and possess innate pure knowledge—their knowledge is spiritual in its content. They are wise In the ways of the spirit, but ignorant in the ways of the world. They enter into the field of Creation to learn about the lower material side of their own immortal nature.

Eventually, the higher Selves descend Into the outermost of the seven layers of universal life. which is filled with galaxies similar to our own. Entering Into a particular galaxy, they initially take up residence in one of the permanent Worlds of Light located in the center of the galaxy.

While abiding within the glorious Worlds of Light at the center of the galaxy. the higher Selves gain experience about the Ideal forms of human existence that serve as archetypes (or human civilization throughout the galaxy.

After experiencing these central worlds for a long period, the higher Selves then descend further and take up residence on a World of Light somewhere within the luminous disk of the galaxy. There the higher Selves learn about the ideal modes of human behavior that exist within the luminous disk, which the ancient Seers called kurukshetra—the “field of action.”

After experiencing these ideal physical worlds, the higher Selves finally descend into an evolving solar system like our own. Compared to the Worlds of Light from which they have descended, such physical worlds appear completely shrouded in spiritual darkness.

When the higher Selves first descend into such an evolving solar system, they do not venture onto planets such as the Earth. Rather, they initially take up residence in the luminous orb of the system’s Sun. where the subtle matter density is greatest. The luminous orb of the Sun serves as a safe haven for these beings. There the Divine Kas feel at home. Within the blazing spiritual glory of the Sun, the higher Selves can rest and witness the activities of their own lower selves on Earth, watching their evolution from a distance. The higher Self thus is sometimes called the Witness. Collectively they are called the Watchers. Watching over us at all times, they may be understood as our guardian angels, our spiritual guides, and our best friends in time of need.

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

It should be a comfort to know that each mortal soul on Earth, however insignificant, has its own higher Self. The higher Self and the lower self are like twin flames. They were breathed into existence by the same nonlocal act of God, which took place simultaneously on Earth and in Heaven. And they have not evolved separately. Their activities and evolu-tion have been coordinated and nonlocally correlated since the very beginning by the Divine Messenger.

Even though they may have been separated by distances spanning trillions of light-years. the development of the lower material self always has been in the awareness of the higher spiritual Self. The higher Self has nonlocally over-seen and witnessed the development of its own lower self through its inherent power of nonlocal intuition. It has observed the evolution of its own lower self without interfering. This is possible because the higher Self is already illumined, fulfilled, and unattached It knows the outcome of the evolutionary course upon which its lower self is engaged—and it has no need to hurry it up. The higher Self simply allows the will of God to take its course.

The material soul, on the other hand, is shrouded in ignorance and has no real knowledge of who it is, where it is going, or for what reason it was created. This ignorance is primordial. It is beginningless. It has covered the lower self since its inception in the womb of primordial Nature, and it has continued over the course of millions of years.

Furthermore, the lower self is attached to the body and the fruits of its actions, while the higher Self is not. The higher Self is eternally free, unat-tached, and enlightened. It is the master of its own destiny. The lower self, on the other hand, has no real knowledge of its own higher Self, and remains veiled in ignorance. It is buffeted about by the winds of destiny until it becomes enlightened.

At that point, it finally attains equality with its own higher Self, and merges with it. It is only then that the lower self achieves victory over death. Having received the Light of God within itself, it becomes free from the influence of the local, terrestrial morphic fields that are based primarily upon past events. Only then does the soul become liberated from the influence of its own past action (karma). and become totally free.

The relationship between the higher and lower self has been described in different ways throughout the ages. In some ancient traditions, the lower self has been compared to the “bride,” while the higher Self has been compared to the “bridegroom.” These two lovers have been longing for each other since the beginning of time. In order for the two lovers to consummate their desire for sacred union, the bride (lower self) must first prepare herself. The bride prepares herself by entering into the bridal chamber (i.e., the human body). When the bride becomes fully prepared, that is, when the mortal soul reaches the proper level of purity and development, the groom (higher Self) approaches the bride (its own lower self) and briefly unites with her.

This marks the beginning of a beautiful courtship. Once the bride has tasted the lips of her spiritual lover, that is, once the lower self has experienced the ineffable bliss of spiritual union with its own higher Self, it develops an ardent longing for permanent union. Over time, periods of spiritual union are followed by periods of spiritual separation. During this divine courtship, the spiritual vibration of the lower self gradually is raised to a level of equality with the higher Self. Once this equality of vibration is achieved, there is a true marriage of souls, where the lower self (bride) and the higher Self (groom) become a single enlightened being, and from that point forward are never separated. This permanent marriage of the higher and lower self occurs at the point of spiritual enlightenment, and eventually gives complete mastery over both spiritual and material realms.

The they has become wise as the Serpent

Then they has become wise as the Serpent

Second chakra represents the sea

It is said the serpent lies within the second chakra

Massconsciousness also lies within the second chakra

Sub-consciousness lies within the second chakra

Illuminati have access to the sub-consciousness mind

The World economic system (the beast system) is also dominated by the second chakra, and the RFID-chip will control it. Revelation 13:17 says; and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark
The Book of Revlation; 13:17. In some cases, RFID chips or other forms of identification can be linked to personal data and bank accounts. These can even be implanted, such as into the hand or the forehead (Revelation 13:16). This, again, shows how modern technology might fit into these predictions. Or, at least, that these concepts are well within man’s capability.

The Illumnati, The World Economic Beast System, One World Government, The Global World Brain, The Matrix is govern by same people who creates the mess in the world, and the provides the solution that fits their goals and direction for World domination and control over every bodies minds.
This is the the reason why 90% still is sub-consciousness and just 10% is consciously
Because of this 90/10 the mind is kept in a state of; dreaming state, hypnotic state, in a state of ignorance, in a state of receptive to programming
Together these facts keeping all mankind trapped within the three physical chakras and cannot evolve behind this state, and is therefor a slave within the Matrix or the mind prison
Then you understand why the Illuminati is interested keeping mankind trapped within the three dimensional world. They controls the Matrix, feeding the Massconsciousness, and they owns every important company that can feed your five senses with information, and through thsi the can control every-bodies reality and perception.
The coming One World Government is just another thricky deception to make people by a new concept of false promises of a better world.
If people today is 10% consciously, then they will have 0% of own thinking ability, because every-bodies mind will be connected and controlled by a super-mega-computer, and this is the Global World Brain.
The World will then have no need for politics or have no interest of voting or chosing, because the world will be rules by a One World Ruler (or One World Dictator).

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