Awaken to Superconsciousness, The Guru removes our ego

The psychologist F. W. H. Myers describes superconsciousness as “the treasure-house, the region that alone can explain the great, unselfish, heroic deeds of men.” Whereas sense perceptions of the world are temporary and relative in the conscious state, superconscious perceptions of reality are always true. The businessman, for example, may be bound to the circumstances of his job; the yogi, however, is able to rise above the changeable world and live in the state of universal, transcendental consciousness.

The superconscious state, also known as the higher Self, can be attained through meditation. The individual self can practice keeping the spine straight and directing energy toward the seat of superconsciousness between the eyebrows, also known as the ajna chakra, Christ center, third and spiritual eye.

Listening to a guru speak is not an ordinary event. It is very special. You have waited many, many lifetimes for this rendezvous with the reflection of your own immortal being. You have lived through many, many experiences to come to this point. Listen with open mind and heart. Flow your awareness freely along with the Gurus. A more perceptive faculty will unfold within you as you allow yourself to be open enough to hear a deeper message. Cultivate this fine art each day.

The superconscious mind is the most wonderful area of the mind that there is though awareness is not always in it. We’re not always aware in the superconscious mind because we’re generally in the sub-superconscious, aware of the conscious mind, or aware of our own subconscious mind. But the more and more we detach awareness from subconscious mind, from conscious mind attachments, the more superconscious do we become.

The Guru removes our ego There’s another reason why the Guru is necessary. The ego. Half of spiritual life is about concentration. You do mantra japa, bhajan, meditation, study, and there’s satsang. What are we really trying to do through all these things? We are trying to concentrate our scattered mind, because the d has to become calm in order to experience the Self But there’s another side of the problem. The Vedanta says that the mind has two aspects: restlessness or distraction, and projection or veiling.

The restless tendency of the mind is gotten rid of through meditation and other sad hams, but wiling is what we call the ego. The sun is there and I am here, but in between there’s a cloud, so I don’t see the sun. In the same way, the At-man or God is there and I am here, but I am not seeing God, I am not experiencing Him as He is. I am not experiencing my real Self. Why? Because in between, a spurious being is coming up; that’s the ego. What is the ego? The personality that’s identified with the form, with the body is the ego. It’s a very subtle thing. We don’t know anything other than the ego. It’s not gross like the physical body. It’s our own mind, our own personality. We don’t know all the ins and outs. We don’t know what the state is where there is no ego. In a way, we don’t even know what we’re aiming for—the egoless state. We need the Guru who’s gone beyond the ego, who knows all the ins and outs of the ego, who knows all it’s tricks, so that we can work at purifying it. The ego is opaque, something like a cloud, and is very restless.

The mind has to become transparent. Its not that there’s no mind in that state. les so transparent that we can perceive the Reality that’s shining behind it. The transparent mind is called the sattvic mind. These three terms are used in spiritual life. We should all be familiar with them. Sattvic mind is the mind that’s very calm, very serene, very wise, full of energy, sort of like a spinning top—looks like it’s still, but it’s full of energy.

That’s what we have to develop in order to experience the Truth. The Guru knows all these things, and when the Guru sees the rajas and the camas in us, he will point it out, or will give us sonic work to do that will gradually bring out the rajas and tams so that we can struggle with it, purify it, and reject it. We get chances to cultivate the sattvic side of our being. So its not all meditation and bhajan. It’s purifying the ego. That’s very important. This ego is very tricky. You may think you have no ego, and then the next minute someone says something you don’t like. They disagree with you. Or somebody may say something that you like very much. Somebody praises you. You react, either a pleasant reaction or a painful reaction; you get angry, or you feel happy. That means the ego is still there. So how to get rid of the ego? There should be no ego at all.

The ego is a trickster, a thief. Even devotion to God may not get rid of this ego. Devotion to God is one of the ways to purify the mind.

The Egocentric is engrossed in (his) Attachment (to the world); he can neither practise Detachment, nor Renunciation. He Realises not the Word, and Grieves for ever and loses Honour in the Lord’s Court. The God-wards shed their Ego, for they are Merged in the Lord’s Name and attain Peace. O my mind, Desire lures thee away night and day. Serve thou the Guru and burn down= thy Attachment to attain the state of Detachedness in thy very home.

The God-wards do good Deeds and Flower, for the Love of God is a Renunciation that brings on Bliss. They Call on the Lord night and day, and, stilling their Ego, they become care-free. By good Fortune, I got the companionship of the Holy, and I Attained to the Lord in the Bliss of Equipoise.

He is the Saint, he the Renouncer of the world, in whose heart Dwells the Name of the Lord. Anger touches not his core, for he has shed his self. The Treasure of the Name is Revealed to him through the True Guru, and he Drinks-in the Essence of God and is satiated . Whosoever found it, found it in the Society of the Holy ; when one’s Destiny is Awakened, one attains to Renunciation. The self-willed wander aimlessly ; they Realise not the True Guru and they are attached to Ego.

One is enveloped by the haze of Maya and the Darkness of the Three Modes. Men of avarice dwell on the Other, even though they advertise their reading of the Vedas. By (the Fire of Desire are they burnt, and they are neither here nor there.

In their love of Maya, they forget the Lord, their Father, who Supports us all. Without the Guru, all are unconscious (of their Divinity), and are led astray by the Angel of Death. Nanak : one comes up only through the Instruction of the Guru : so assemble thou the True Name (of the Lord).

He, who remains trapped by the three Modes, attains not to the Fourth State (of Bliss)’. If He, the Lord, in His Mercy, Unites thee with Himself, in thy heart then Dwells His Name. They, in whose treasure is Good, them the Lord Takes to the Society of the Holy.

Brother, abide thou in Truth, through the Instruction of the Guru. Practise Truth, Live Truth, and Unite with the True Word; I am a Sacrifice unto them who Realised the Lord’s Name: I’ll shed my Ego and cling to their feet and walk in their Way. One thus gets the Profit of the Lord’s Name and one Merges imperceptibly in it. Without the Guru, one Mounts not to the Lord’s Castle, nor Attains to His Name.

Knowing He is thy (only) Lord, offer Him thy body and soul, And do the Deeds of the True Bride. Thou wilt then meet with Truth imperceptibly and receive the Glory of Truth. 1!] 0 Brother, without the Guru, there is no Worship : No one can Worship without the Guru, even if one craves for it.

Duality has made the Soul wander in endless transmigrations. Without the Guru, there is no Sleep and one passes one’s Night in Agony. Without the Word, one finds not one’s Spouse, and wastes away one’s life in vain.

Full of vanity, I wandered about in the whole world to gather wealth, But wealth did not keep me company (in the other World). The blind one did not Dwell on the Lord’s Name and was netted by the Yanta, the Angel of heath. When one meets the True Guru, one gathers (the True) Wealth and Remembers the Lord in the heart.

They, who are Merged in the Name, Dwell on the Lord’s Name in their hearts: They are the Purest of the pure, for they attain to the Poise of the Guru. Their mind is Immersed in the Love of the Lord, and on their tongues is the Taste of the Lord’s Name. Nanak know thnn that the colour which the Lord Himself Bestows noon thee will wear not off

Blessed is the mother, blessed and foremost the father Of one who seeks Peace by Serving the True Guru, and subdues his Ego. The Holy men Serve at His Door and Attain to the Lord, the Treasure-house of Virtue. O my mind, Call on the Lord, through the Mercy of the Guru. If the Word of the Guru abides in thee, thy body and mind become Pure.

In His Grace the Lord Entered my Home of Himself and Met me. If we Praise Him through the Guru’s Word, He Dyes us in His Colour, the natural way, And we become Pure, and Merge in the Pure One, and then there is no Separation from the True Lord.

Once the Guru is fully aware that the disciple is totally attached to him, the next step is elimination of the ego. For that to happen, the Guru again creates situations, working with both the gross and the subtle ego. Once the ego is removed, your inside becomes empty. All the old stuff has been removed, and you can now fill yourself with love. The removal of the old and the filling with the new happens simultaneously.

Again, in order to make the disciple understand and realize that the Guru is not the body but the all-pervading Self, He creates circumstances for the disciple to see Him in everything and to serve Him through every action. For this love to take place, the disciple must empty the mind of all its desires. That is why Perfect Masters always insist on the importance of sadhana.”

The mind becomes superior on meeting with the noble guru (satguru). The noble gum (satguru) removes ego from mind and washes it off thereby making the mind clean and pure. Jeev (living being) becomes free forever after the end of ego; nobody can bind him after that. Such a person always recites the name of God and speaks nothing else. The mind of the persons, free from life, moves according to God’s command. I am helpless to say much when the one God lives in all. Everything happens by the command of God and finally merges into the command only. All the happiness and sorrow occur due to the wish of the same God.

If one meditates on the Guru ‘ s word one gives up his old ego along with the feelings attached to it and tries to develop the new ego on the ideals of the Guru

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