ASCENSION IS A CHOICE – The definition of our ascension is “transcending third-dimensional reality”. It is transcending the four lower bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These are presently based on third-dimensional constructs which in turn create our third-dimensional perceptions, beliefs and truths. Ascension means completing our earthly cycles and moving to higher levels of consciousness. Ascension is a journey, not a destination. It is an individual journey of the soul. We are always on a journey of ascension

“The Veil of Mass Consciousness Programming”! We have a Lower Mind—which is restricted consciousness, and we have a Higher Mind—which is expanded consciousness. The ego, mass consciousness keeping humankind trapped in the lower mind. We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. The veil of ignorance keeping humankind trapped through The Veil of Mass Consciousness Programming (negative and fear programming). Mass consciousness is the limited and restricted ego consciousness. In time, as the veil of suppression was lifted from the masses’ experience, that great battle for minds was decided.

In time, as the veil of suppression was lifted from the masses’ experience, that great battle for minds was decided.

Mass consciousness primarily lives in the Lower Mind.

We have a Lower Mind—which is restricted consciousness, and we have a Higher Mind—which is expanded consciousness.

If we define consciousness as “awareness”, then our individual consciousness defines our individual “awareness of Self’: what we are aware of as “Self’. Your knowledge of Self is your level of awareness, which is then your vibrational signature. As long as you exist in the little picture of Self you are existing at a “limited” level of awareness or consciousness. Our journey is about expanding our consciousness to become aware that we are part of the wider universe. We could call this limited awareness of Self superficial. This limited Self believes the physical body and brain/ego are all there is. This has been our third-dimensional life. The person with the limited belief of Self usually does not seek the deeper truths of Self. However, each step you take on this spiritual ascension journey, when you learn something new about yourself, and you understand and integrate it, then that step lifts you up to the next level of awareness and consciousness. Before we can achieve these higher levels we need to go deep into the many layers of the sub-conscious to discover who we really are.

When we die and leave our body, we become our soul consciousness once more. This soul consciousness is a field of energy: our energy matrix containing our divine essence. In other words, we become a “matrix of light” which consists of colours, tones and vibrational frequencies. This is how we are seen and recognised in the higher realms. Our soul consciousness does not need a form. The physical body, our form, is not who we are. We can exist without form in the higher dimensions of light.


The definition of our ascension is “transcending third-dimensional reality”. It is transcending the four lower bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These are presently based on third-dimensional constructs which in turn create our third-dimensional perceptions, beliefs and truths. Ascension means completing our earthly cycles and moving to higher levels of consciousness.

Ascension is a journey, not a destination. It is an individual journey of the soul. We are always on a journey of ascension because we are always seeking the truth, seeking that which we feel we have lost. To live life in the lower realms of 3D demands that we lose our connection with God in order to experience duality, both sides of the opposing energies of our world. Our ascension journey is about traversing the frequencies of the lower realms, garnering the truth that we are beings of light, and then transcending the 3D vibrational frequencies of duality. This is a journey to find our truth, our light and our divine essence, that “We Are God Also”. Only when you have this belief well and truly imbedded into your heart can you reach up to the upper realms and begin the ascension home, taking your physical vessel with you. In the journey of ascension into the higher dimensions of self, the Higher Self begins to meld with the biological body. Slowly the physical body takes on more and more of the Divine Intelligence, the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Creativity of the Higher Self, evolving into a manifested Lightbody form living on Earth.

This lightbody form is multi-dimensional and acknowledges its higher aspects of Self which have not been available to it for eons of time in the lower dimensions.

Life journey is like playing hide and seek. The invisible world within is hidden, dormant, and waiting to be discovered and connected so that we can explore the divinity within us. Unless we are aware to a certain degree that we are spirit beings, it is not easy to attune to the concept. So it is important to become aware of all the vital supreme power which is responsible for every phase of life. Once the knowledge of spiritual truth has been discovered or consciousness has dawned within our being or to know who we are, we become transformed and view life differently and confidently through new eyes, with new understanding, for its purpose begins to fall into place to realise the divine plan to equip ourselves by service for the fulfilment of our inevitable destiny. Within us is a spirit being, and when we tune into the spiritual power that higher source can access the divine part of us when we realise and become aware.

As you continue to learn about Soul and the fuller, wholer, and deeper realities of this multidimensional life, all aspects of your daily routines, situations, and affairs undergo transformations. When any of us move past the level of marking time into actively exploring further what life can be, it is hard to comprehend all the stages and changes our thinking, feeling, and behaving patterns will move through. However, what you need to be aware of is the fact that once you have actually experienced the realities of spirit, it is impossible to try to go back to a way of thinking and living that excludes spirit/SouUThe Divine. THE NEEDS OF THE SPIRIT, OF THE SOUL, ARE A PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE.

Once the shell of mass consciousness starts cracking around and in you, the spiritual emptiness which comes from having shut down the ways you are connected to Soul and to The Divine starts being “in your face as the expression goes. You will be DRIVEN BY AN INNER PUSH to know, do, and be that which is once again consciously connected with spirit, with Soul, and with God/Goddess. One of the tasks of being Soul in physical, human form is to EXPERIENCE YOUR UNIQUENESS WHILE STAYING CONSCIOUS OF YOUR ONENESS WITH EVERYTHING. Life on Earth is really about BRINGING FORTH THE SOUL POTENTIALITIES that exist in everyone of us. And we obviously cannot do that without spirit.

Operating from Soul, being 100 % Higher Self Integrated, means that you will be TUNING IN FOR HIGHER GUIDANCE IN EVERY AREA, CONCERNING EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. You will be functioning from Soul Knowledge, integrating spiritual or Divine Wisdom with the practicalities of living and working in a material world.

The collective unconscious is the consciousness that covers the original nature of the Earth. When the unconsciousness improves and its shell is finally cracked, the original consciousness of the Earth will be revealed; it is the same principle of the expansion or evolution of the human consciousness. If the collective unconscious doesn’t improve, the original “me” would always be shadowed by it.

When we close down our physical perception through our ego beliefs, the other rooms within our mansion continue to shine with light.

As we crack the cosmic shell of our ego, we rend the veil of our beliefs that surrounds our intellect and find ourself open to the wisdom and ingenuity of our soul and to the love, truth, and equality of our spirit. We will look upon our soul and spirit with total humility as we recognize the insignificance of our intellect when it is compared to our magnificent soul and spirit mind. Cracking our ego shell to access the wisdom and ingenuity of our soul and the love, truth, and equality of our spirit will heal us of all physical, mental, and societal disease. From that moment forward the soul will consciously, with absolute freedom of choice, use disease only to complete a lesson of transformation. We have consciously denied our soul and spirit for millions of years. Our ego denial has made it necessary to hypnotize our conscious mind so that we can communicate with our subconscious soul and our unconscious spirit mind as a way to stay balanced within our intellectual mind. This is the state that we call sleep, and we have an inherent dependency upon sleep for our mental balance. Our soul and spirit has gently worked with us in our sleep to encourage our soul growth despite our state of ego denial.

Once we rind the veil of our ego we can also access our future soul experience and our angel hierarchy that covers the seven levels from our spirit consciousness to the Archangel energy of our Spirit. These higher levels of our energy can’t be accessed until the veil is rent, but we may experience temporary communica-tion with other levels as we perforate our cosmic shell. The subconscious memory of our soul lives serves our intellect as an alternate reality when we reach our threshold level of absorption in fear, pain, anger, abuse, and drama within our physical life experience. When we can no longer cope with our physical or mental reality and our emotions, we change the focus of our mind into another soul print of memory, which is not understood by medicine. Changing the focus of our mind will be a common event when our soul memory and the Universal mind of our spirit is understood. We will have the mind power to con-sciously change into other life experiences to give us an opportunity to find the lessons that we have been intent upon repeat-ing. Once we rend the veil of our cosmic shell we are able to reach into all levels of the soul and spirit mind without difficulty.

To shift our consciousness as humans we must release our belief in inequality that has cast us into fear, control, and dependency as we have descended through the shadow side of our soul path. With absolute equality being practiced within a culture there is no dependency, and therefore there is no fear and control.

to pierce the veils of self-deception and illusion, and crack the eggshell of ignorance to most intimately encounter oneself? Through honest self-inquiry and no-holds-barred meditative introspection over a sustained period of time, one can take apart and deconstruct the but that ego built, thus entering the mansion of Authentic Being.

It is through the process of searching for our Soul that we are able to move from human or mass consciousness back into Divinely Connected Soul Consciousness. As we do so, we uncover our real abilities and POWERS or THE ABILITY TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. The veil of ignorance hides the real divine self, real reality, spiritual gifts and powers. Through our human conditioning, we stifle, block, and inhibit our Soul, developing a personality, or means of life expression, that is oriented toward human or mass consciousness. This LOWER SELF PERSONALITY has to be transformed into a HIGHER SELF PERSONALITY if we want to let the wholeness and fullness of our Souls shine forth. We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. The soul is trapped and imprisoned by the archons.

We’ve got to develop the characteristics, or thinking, feeling, and behaving patterns. that encourage Soul to make itself known in the material or Earthly environment. As Souls, we have within our beings the highest and most powerful Divine Energy/life force that needs comparable means of expression. Through our human conditioning, we stifle, block, and inhibit our Soul, developing a personality, or means of life expression, that is oriented toward human or mass consciousness. This LOWER SELF PERSONALITY has to be transformed into a HIGHER SELF PERSONALITY if we want to let the wholeness and fullness of our Souls shine forth.

As pure Souls, we have no limits, no boundaries that our Soul’s energy cannot penetrate and transform. It is our perception and belief of being a limited human with strict material boundaries that has covered up our Soul’s energy. requiring SOUL RETRIEVAL. It is through the process of searching for our Soul that we are able to move from human or mass consciousness back into Divinely Connected Soul Consciousness. As we do so, we uncover our real abilities and POWERS or THE ABILITY TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

As Souls in human bodies, we can develop the powers of COMMUNICATION. SELF-EXPRESSION. PERCEPTION, ENERGY READING, TRANSFORMATION, HEALING, MANIFESTATION, DEMONSTRATION. COCREATION. and CAUSATION. Through developing these powers on a Soul level, we can know everything about life past, present, and future. We can gracefully change what is no longer valid for living attuned as a spiritual being through human form, experiencing full PROSPERITY. Our natural skills of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience, which include channeling or spirit communication and mediumship, and auric vision, mental telepathy, psychokinesis, out of body travel, psychometry, materialization, spiritual and hands on healing, and others, develop and become a daily reality.

Most human beings have had experiences in which they realized that they knew what they did through INTUITION, which is THE ACT OR FACULTY OF KNOWING WITHOUT THE USE OF RATIONAL PROCESSES.

Our Soul’s abilities and energies are capable of moving out beyond the illusional limitations and belief systems of mass consciousness and our lower selves or ego personalities. This not only includes developing and using abilities of mind, body, and spirit that go way beyond what has traditionally been labeled normal or ordinary, but also includes the abilities and skills that enable one to live one’s life in full Prosperity.

PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS is the study and practice of the spiritual laws of wholeness. It includes being and having financial independence and freedom (to have all the financial and material resources you need in order to be free to give, express, and cocreate as your Higher Self or Soul), whole health, true place success, joyful relationships, peace of mind, and a whole and spirit filled lifestyle and environment. In other words, Prosperity is being fully integrated into and as your Higher Self, because true Prosperity is the result of DELIBERATE HIGHER THOUGHT AND ACTION. True Prosperity is having all the time, energy, financial, material, spirit, human, and nature resources to do and be my/your/our Soul highest, wholest, and happiest each and every moment. And this requires SOUL POWER!

Each and every one of us has the SOUL POTENTIAL for developing and integrating all the SOUL POWERS AND ABILITIES mentioned in the last few pages. All the EXTRA SENSORY or HIGHER SENSE PERCEPTIONS we have read or heard about are ours for the recognizing and developing.

Our true Soul’s abilities and powers need to shine forth through the clarity and wisdom of Higher Consciousness. Lower-self personality characteristics run distorted and negative energy currents that inhibit Soul’s real and full light to shine into and over the denseness of The Earth Plane. However, there are a lot of personality characteristics, abilities, skills, and energies that run the energy currents compatible with Divine Love’s Light. It is these Higher Self personality characteristics that Developing Souls need to understand and integrate as their ways of being, thinking, feeling, and doing in the everydayness of life on Earth.

When one is running TRUE SOUL ENERGY, the personality one uses to express that Soul energy will often be labeled ECCENTRIC because one is departing or deviating from the conventional or established norm, model, or rule. In today’s world, mass consciousness has established negative and destructive personality characteristics and lifestyles as the norm. The process of Higher Self Integration usually necessitates changing and transforming one’s personality characteristics and lifestyle habits from a conglomerate of modeled behavior taken from our childhood familial and societal environments into thinking, feeling, and behaving patterns as perceived through our more Higher and Divine Inner Guidance and Knowledge.

Impatience has to be transformed into patience, rigidity into flexibility, and critical judgmentalness into detached discernment. One has to DEVELOP ADVANCED LEVELS of awareness, focus, concentration, creativity, organization, problem solving, decision-making, goal attaining, whole thinking skills, mindfulness, meditation, trance, and inner/spirit communication. And these abilities have to become so natural that their essence permeates every part of one’s life.

Attunement to Soul or Higher Self Integration has everything to do with learning to TURN INWARD FOR GUIDANCE. It is all about developing the abilities to be aware of and perceive guidance from higher more developed sources than the general human race. However, our Souls and other advanced Souls only in spirit form (angels/spirit guides and teachers) use what’s available on this planet in the form of written and taped materials, workshops, human teachers, situations, circumstances, and nature to help us out in our growth/transformation.

Where we are going is largely dependent upon our awareness, understanding, and intentional connecting and working with and through the different Levels and Stages of Earth-based Soul Consciousness. There are very real and practical levels and stages we all must go through before we are ready to move out of human incarnation, having learned and integrated into our beings all that Earth living has to offer. Even though each one of us as individuated Souls in human form go through these stages in our own ways, taking our own time (be it ten or a hundred lifetimes), there are certain understandings, experiences, and tools that are most helpful in moving through these LEVELS OF SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCED ON EARTH.

The more we understand how the SOUL EVOLVES, the better we can direct our CONSCIOUS, SUBCONSCIOUS, and SUPERCONSCIOUS INTENTIONS to happily dance along with natural evolution, instead of rebelliously warring against it. At a certain point in our Soul Development as a human, we have to make an UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO SOUL MASTERY before we are able to make further progress on our “Journey home to God.” We have to align the energies of our personality to the energies of our Soul and The Divine Love Light. We have to develop and enact characteristics that are in tune with our Soul’s energy, such as being balanced, compassionate, patient, inspirational, vibrant, and harmonic, as well as many other Soul attributes.

Our Soul housed within our Spirit or Etheric body helps to form THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD which is the manifestation of Universal Energy that is intimately involved with human life. Our Human Energy Field, or our Aura, can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body emitting its own characteristic radiation. Our AURA is divided into seven major layers that interpenetrate and surround each other. These seven layers are also connected to seven major CHAKRAS, which are swirling energy vortexes that extend out from our bodies through our aura.

A spinal flow functions as our main vertical power current. In addition, we also have smaller chakras or energy points located throughout our etheric body correlating to points throughout our physical body. In actuality, we are, each and every one of us, pulsating masses of energy.

What has happened and happens with us is that we get stuck. We literally get blocked. Throughout our Soul’s journey and development, we create “ENERGY BLOCKS” that jam us up and keep us from growing and integrating our Higher Selves. Unless we become consciously aware of, release, and heal these blocks, we remain stuck with jammed energy circuits. To be truly whole, to have all parts of our lives running at maximum potential, and to run the Divine Life Force through our beings at 100%, we have to release our energy blocks.

We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. By overcoming these first three chakras, you enter “the heart of the yogi” (the sacred heart) which is the place of unconditional Love. Satan clouds the human mind. While Satan blinds the human mind, God illumines the heart, which is the wellspring of life. As in God is liberty, so in Satan is bondage. As God seeks. to lead us into liberty, so Satan seeks to lead us into bondage. The crucifixion of the lower-self and the rising of the inner Christ within you. And it comes as an individual experience. Satan clouds the human mind. While Satan blinds the human mind, God illumines the heart, which is the wellspring of life (Prov 4:23).

Man has consciousness of his physical body, of his physical environment. He has no consciousness of his Higher Self because he cannot see it. His ignorant mind shrouds his spirit. It is vital that every effort be made to realise his real self, the spirit. Only deep meditation will lift the veil of ignorance and reveal to man his true nature.The ultimate goal of meditation is to reach this pure consciousness. It is the highest state of consciousness man can attain and become capable of enjoying his full potential. If the body does not get sufficient rest and sleep it gets out of gear. So it is with the spirit. The spirit lost in the abyss of the mind and unable to manifest itself has made us run into spiritual bankruptcy.

“Wherever energy is tied in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, fears, doubts through the ego – thus, when the momentum of dissonance becomes too great, the top of the threefold flame cannot spin. When its three plumes are of different height, out of balance, it cannot spin, and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow. Light is the alchemical key. The alchemical key, is the key to the key. The key is the Apocalypse or cruxifixion of the state of duality and the outcome is Oneness, Harmony and Balance. In this balance the energies starts spinning and the threefold eternal starts to glow. Without the cruxifixation of duality, there can be no transforming (resurrection), no ascension, and without the bridge (cross) between the physical matter and spiritual dimension , there can be no Oneness (crown).

THE HIDDEN CHAMBER OF THE HEART. Your threefold flame of life is sealed in the eight-petaled chakra called the hidden, or secret, chamber of your heart. The threefold flame, or “divine spark,” makes your heart a replica of the heart of God. It is literally a spark of sacred fire from God’s own heart. The threefold flame is your soul’s point of contact with the Supreme Source of all life. It is your potential to become the fullness of all that your Real Self is. The threefold flame has three “plumes” that embody the three primary attributes of God. The blue plume (on your left) embodies God’s power. The yellow plume (in the center) embodies God’s wisdom, and the pink plume (on your right) embodies God’s love. By accessing the power, wisdom, and love of the Godhead anchored in your threefold flame, you can fulfill your reason for being.

The prime object of alchemy was held to be the production of the Philosopher’s Stone ; that perfect and incorrupt substance, or ‘ noble Tincture,’ never found upon our imperfect earth in its natural state, which could purge all baser metals of their dross, and turn them to pure gold. The quest of the Stone, in fact, was but one aspect of man’s everlasting quest of perfection, his hunger for the Absolute. . . . Gold, the Crowned King, or Sol, as it is called in the planetary symbolism of the alchemists, was their standard of perfection, the ‘ Perfect Metal.’ Towards it, as the Christian towards sanctity, their wills were set. It had for them a value not sordid but ideal. . . . Upon the spiritual plane also they held that the Divine Idea is always aiming at ‘ Spiritual Gold ‘—divine humanity, the New Man, citizen of the transcendental world,—and ‘ natural man ‘ as we ordi-narily know him, is a lower metal, silver at best, a departure from the ‘ plan ‘ ; who yet bears within himself, if we could find it, the spark or seed of absolute perfection, the ‘ tincture ‘ which makes gold. . . . The art of the alchemist consists in completing the work of per-fection, bringing forth and making dominant, as it were, the ‘ latent gold-ness ‘ which ‘ lies obscure’ in metal or man.”

” Gold, the Crowned King ” is a symbol of the Higher Self (sol), and the ” noble Tincture ” signifies the Divine Life or buddhic functioning in the human soul. The ” natural man ” is the lower mind (silver at best), and the ” New Man ” is the perfected personality transmuted to the higher mind. ” The Sulphur and the Salt, or ‘ metallic soul and body’ of the spiritual chemistry are the body and the ‘ rational ‘ soul or mind of man—Sulphur his earthly nature, seasoned with intellectual salt. The Mercury is Spirit in its most mystic sense, the Synteresis or holy Dweller in the Innermost, the immanent spark or Divine Principle of his life. Only the ‘ wise,’ the mystically awakened, can know this Mercury, the agent of man’s transmutation : and until it has been brought out of the hiddenness, nothing can be done.”—” Sulphur ” stands for the desire nature with its appetites and passions, and ” Salt ” for the reasoning faculty of the lower mind. ” Mercury of the Wise ” is the indwelling Spirit without which no transmutation of lower qualities into higher can be effected. The Higher Self must be born in the soul in order that its dross may be turned into pure gold.

“The Three Principles being enclosed in the vessel, or Athanor, which is man himself, and subjected to a gentle fire—the Incendium Amoris—the process of the Great Work, the mystic transmuta-tion of natural into spiritual man, can begin. . . . The first matter, in the course of its transmutation, assumes three successive colours ; the Black, the White, and the Red. These three colours are strictly analogous to the three traditional stages of the Mystic Way : Purgation, Illumination, Union.”—Ibid. The desire, mental, and spiritual natures interactive within the human soul, or causal-body (Athanor), are subjected to the slow process of combination and evolution, whereby development proceeds in three stages. “The alchemists call the first stage, or Blackness, Putrefaction. In it the three principles which compose the ‘ whole man’ of body, soul and spirit, are ‘ sublimated ‘ till they appear as a black powder full of corruption ; and the imperfect body is dissolved and purified by subtle Mercury,’ as man is purified by the darkness, misery, and despair which follows the emergence of his spiritual consciousness. . . . The black beast,’ the passional element of the lower nature, must emerge and be dealt with before anything further can be done.”—Ibid.

The first stage represents the present state of human nature, full of imper-fections, and undergoing ethical and spiritual discipline and purification in conditions of conflict and suffering. The lower nature is gradually dis-solved away by the Spirit (Mercury). ” The second stage, Whiteness, the state of Luna, or Silver, the chaste and immaculate Queen,’ is the equivalent of the Illuminative Way : the highest point which the mystic can attain short of union with the Absolute. This White Stone is pure and precious ; but in it the Great Work of man’s spiritual evolu-tion has not yet reached its term. That term (third stage) is the attainment of the Red, the colour of Perfection or alchemic gold ; a process sometimes called the ‘Marriage of Luna and Sol ‘— the fusion of the human and divine spirit. Under this imago is concealed the final secret of the mystic life, that ineffable union of finite and infinite—that loving reception of the inflowing vitality of God—from which cornea forth the Magnum Opus, deified or spiritual man.”

When we transform our energy vibrations into vibrations of Light, when we discipline our normally chaotic thoughts, when we turn our words into an image of the desired, then the material results automati-cally come as a materialisation of the Spirit by the attractive power of the Cosmic Magnet. We humans call this process “miraculous”. But, in truth, such is the normal mode of action for multi-dimensional Essences of the Divine Hierarchy. We, three-dimensional people, sometimes also reach miraculous results by our own enormous efforts. We can remember events, when we experienced or, at least, witnessed the miracles of escape, healing or creation. “On the edge of an abyss”, we are able to activate our inner Magnet, and it attracts the desired conditions.

Self-Transformation is the Essence of Alchemy.

When you begin your search for your Inner God, you start the al-chemic process of self-transformation. Through this process, gradually, you begin to become aware of yourself as of an instrument of the Logos in Its Search. The law of the Cosmic Magnet will attract the best conditions when you really try to reflect “the Search” of the Logos. The Logos experiences and develops Its spiritual qualities through your earthly experiences. If you reflect Its “Search”, your efforts will be in harmony with divine Purpose and with your Path. Kalagia describes this process thus: “The purpose of the Search is to reflect, as in a mirror, the Seeker (Logos) and to merge with this reflection: then the goal Sought for will be found on Earth and re-flected as an energy focus — into the Centre of the Logos, into Its Heart, becoming Its Heart.” (Kalagia, 2.6.2). In such a way, through the alchemic process of self-transformation, an earthly human being becomes transformed into an Essence with the properties of the greatest Alchemist — God.

Since you are the multi-dimensional being that you are when you bring in this pure unbiased energy to pattern your creations, then those in power such as religion, government, businesses, family, and friends, lock you into a consciousness that only results in everyone and everything outside of you becoming your master in what you will manifest for your reality. This is what you are asleep to!

What you don’t realize is that your human consciousness becomes owned and controlled by everyone around you as if you are a slave to them. These groups and more will keep you locked into repeating your creations over and over, all because of you are a slave to your belief patterns. You will do it by following their “will” and not your soul’s “will.”

The human consciousness, and how it has been programmed, deals with just one aspect of itself, and it tries to relate everything that you are experiencing to it from one dimensional phase, thus leaving out all other aspects of yourself.

You see, the first thing in understanding energy is that you must recognize that your core essence is of Spirit Consciousness and that you are a divine being first and foremost that holds the authority (power) to create and manifest whatever you please, even the human body. This also means that your core essence is of no form or no-mind.

You see, from these billions and billions of potentials that we all created together a long time ago, the greatest and grandest potentials we, as souls, chose to express and bring into our life to experience first was “belief systems: and with the creation of it, came the belief in duality. Through belief systems we found that we could structure our creations in a manner where they feel very real to us. So real that we could lose ourselves in our own creations, which we did. Therefore, it is your dogmatic belief systems that are preventing you from rejuvenating your physical body because you are not accepting “who you truly are and “how energy works. You see, once you understand “who you truly are: and that you have the oneness of your own divine essence, you would actually see and understand that you did expand your consciousness to the point where you re-created yourself into something you were not., and through this become the ego-body-identity, and not the real higher spiritual divine self.

Therefore, since your physical body has the make-up of a dualistic energy force, because of your beliefs, you have the tendency to believe that everything, including God, is in a state of having two parts. Therefore, it is the doctrine of opposing forces where good and evil always determines the course of your thoughts, beliefs, and the actions you place on this pure unbiased energy coming into your consciousness for expression.

So, knowing from a soul level, that energy has to evolve back to its original form of oneness and neutrality, we souls chose the path of evolution (soul growth) as the means to move forward in our quest to answer the question, Who are we?” This way, when our energy got stuck, because of forgetfulness being part of our consciousness, we knew that energy would go back into itself to explore the reason for it being stuck.

You see, the reason why governments and religions are so successful in keeping us in a hypnotic state is that they tap into our primitive mind, the “pre-adolescent self”. It is through your ‘pre-adolescent you’ where government and religion easily hijack your freedom to become sovereign and an independent soul.

Our desired outcome for this first shift will be a consciousness which is totally clear, and a new sense of self or identity, enabling us to move forward with confidence.

‘The time has now come for us to be bold and move out from behind our mind-filters of selective perception and face the fiillness of the light. There exists a vast reservoir of inter-related knowledge in which a far deeper truth is always consealed within multiple levels of meaning. A new, more universal perspective will make it possible for us to see through the fog of our present conceptual confiision.’

The second major shift is to a more fluid and open system of thought and perception which includes a fully holistic paradigm of thinking and an unobstructed vision of reality (seeing beyond the goldfish bowl). Our earlier views, including some of our beliefs about life and the universe, may be challenged by these radical new ideas, but this does not mean that they were (or are) incorrect In fact, they may have served us well up to this point but will simply be inadequate to explain the new Insights and experiences which come with a higher level of consciousness and perception.

In order to expand our perception of reality, the pathway has to be further cleared for the passage of consciousness through our minds and this involves having to enter our unconscious and change those conditioned mental structures (called ‘constructs’ in psychology) which govern our present consciousness and perception. It is likely that these structures are neurologically hard-wired, but some groundbreaking work has shown that they can be reconstructed using powerful processes which involve taking in new ideas and engaging inner experiences which are way outside of our normal field of interpretation, thus forcing a shift. In this regard, we will be introduced to some hidden ‘dimensions’ of our mind, in which we can work directly with energy and even create alternate realities which radically challenge these pre-conditioned structures.

‘We must learn to tailor our concepts to fit reality, instead of trying to stuff reality into our concepts’.

For the final major shift, we are invited to move into a totally new experience of life by reconnecting with our ‘authentic’ or true selves on a different level of reality (in other words, coming to realise that we are not ‘goldfish’ at all and climbing out of the bowl). However, this requires a huge amount of effort and energy, and this energy will need to be gathered from much higher sources of con-sciousness which are available to those who know where to find it. A storehouse of energy is within reach and available within our own consciousness as accumulated energy stored in our own archetypes deep within our unconscious mind.

Another and even more powerful source originates outside our own consciousness, in the embodiment of more universal archetypal forms, revealed in religious scriptures as the celestial hierarchy of spiritual masters, angelic beings and spirit guides, and often referred to collectively as ‘Spirit’. The processes at this stage are therefore designed to bring about our final awakening into a state of absolute clarity in which we can escape from the collective delusion of the world of appearances and rediscover our origins in the ultimate source of all consciousness, sometimes called the universal or ‘divine Mind or Intelligence.

The final outcome for this shift should therefore be a new state of consciousness and clarity which includes an ongoing ‘intimate’ and mutual relationship with our own unconscious mind, a permanent connection with our true (authentic) self and the potential for communication and interaction on all levels of consciousness and reality. ‘Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in human beings’ perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves.

Until this happens, however, most humans see only the outer forms, unaware of the inner essence, just as they are unaware of their own essence and identifij only with their own physical and psychological form’ .

The goal of alchemy is to restructure and reshape the ego so it consciously understands that it is not the centre of operations, it doesn’t know everything and it is not its job to run the show — its job is to serve the divine essence that resides within all of us: the Eternal Self. This is the unifying root of existence that perceives and knows everything. And I mean everything. Unlike our ego, the Eternal Self is all-knowing. It is the infinite inner nature that is wise, spiritual, mysterious and mythical. Alchemy helps put the ego back in its rightful place — in service to the Eternal Self. The Eternal Self connects us to all existence both seen and unseen. The ego only connects us to our outer, temporal reality.

But the ego has taken over the show on Earth and the ego has become the God of this world, and this ego-show has become the new hive mind of mass consciousness. This is ego is not the divine higher collective self, it´s the shadow collective of the matrix that runs the mind “brainwashing” control “negative” programming on Earth.

But first we must dig deep. We must look into the innermost, shadowy regions of our unconscious in order to mine the rich golden essence that will make us feel fully alive. But to break through to a Bigger Life that bubbles with juice and joy — the luminous Mythic Life that awaits each of us and is our inherent birthright — we must first face an initiation. That means a descent to the mythic Underworld — the dark underbelly of our psyche, a foreboding place where fears and wounds gape open, waiting to be redeemed and healed.

But, as Greek mythology points out, it is also a rich place, the richest place available to each of us, full of gold and hidden treasures that can enliven and enrich our topside worlds. However, these are treasures we must earn the right to redeem.

They remain hidden until we are brave enough to dig deep into the subtle earth of ourselves, wriggle down through labyrinthine tunnels where we often cannot see where we are going. We must “break down” and “break up” in order to “break through” — learn to sit in the dark places and honour the process as it takes us into its folds as a chrysalis. We must allow ourselves to experience a psychic death that involves patience and stasis, dissolution and decay.

The Greek word for soul was psyche, which means butterfly. Like the butterfly, the human soul undergoes a transformation so it can ascend to ever greater heights. But first it must completely die to its old way of being as a caterpillar.

Human beings don’t enter into a physical chrysalis. What we must do is surrender to the initiatory pattern of life, death, rebirth. Like the caterpillar, we must acquiesce to winds of change that carry us through Life and make our own Alchemical Soul Journey. That means separation, initiation and disorientation, trials and tribulations, loss and sacrifice. And that takes courage.

The aim, in the transmutation of metals, was to find the “quintessential” substance which would “tincture” the base metal to the likeness of gold.

Alchemists believe that the ultimate goal in alchemical transfor-mation is to produce what they call the Philosopher’s Stone. This is something that is not attained easily, and never by some. In the vari-ous processes of seeking the Stone, we have had to fight through and earn it by working all the alchemical processes of transformation, many times over: incinerating the ego’s control; redeeming emotion and intuition; discovering discernment and wisdom; opening the heart through balancing the inner masculine and feminine; integrat-ing lower levels of consciousness with the higher through fire and fer-ment; distilling all the work already done and developed to a pure essence; and surrendering into a new consciousness of wholeness. Every one of these processes requires a sacrifice, generally consisting of old, outdated, and cherished beliefs.

Enlightenment and the Alchemy of Light Ancient alchemists worked to turn lead into gold, which was to turn heavy and base metal into metallic light. The great psychologist Carl Jung explained this alchemical process as a metaphor for transforming the dark matter of the unconscious into the pure gold of the integrated self — for turning our own internal darkness into light’”

The universe reflects an alchemical process of transforming matter into consciousness, which we could call the ‘alchemy of light’. From mineral to plant, to animal, human and then to enlightened sage is a progressive evolution of the light of consciousness. This ability to extract consciousness from matter is the internal alchemy of light.

Our lives are part of this churning process, to bring the light out of darkness, to bring our soul out of our bodily density and inertia. Through the inner light of awareness we can discover light, truth and beauty in all things, which is to return the world to God without any loss of diversity. All life is moving towards this alchemical transformation of consciousness.

The process of evolution does not end with the human mind as we know it. The mind too must evolve further to its source — which is pure consciousness or pure light transcending all material forms. We must move beyond our current dualistic thought-based intellect, trapped as it is in likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, opinions and prejudices to a greater unitary awareness. This pure light of universal consciousness is what great yogis and mystics have always sought to realize through their meditation practices.

The universe is evolving toward enlightenment as its true goal. Our role as a species is to bring the evolutionary process to its decisive phase in which we consciously seek enlightenment, so that the plenary light of pure consciousness can come forth out of the half-light of the mind. This search for enlightenment is our real contribution to the evolutionary movement.

It was the alchemist’s job to separate prima maieria into two or more of the elements, to alter and cleanse them through various alchemical processes in order to release their divine “spirit” and, finally, to transform the base matter into an entirely new transcendent substance—the philosopher’s stone, the lapis philosophorum. This is akin to the Jungian process of individuation.

The materia prima contains the lead, the gold, and every other metal, as well as the substances necessary for their transformation.

IN ALCHEMICAL PRACTICE, the heart is the organ or crucible that contains the materia prima, or first substance, that needs to be transformed.

Alchemists referred to the process of this transformation as chrysopoeia, from the Greek khrusos, meaning “gold,” and poiein, meaning “to make.” It was said that a philosopher’s stone could also serve as an elixir of life that both cured disease and bestowed immortality. It could also serve as a universal solvent.

The non-physical substance or “One Thing” needed to turn base metal into gold. Through the Great Work, we are creating our own versions of the Philosopher’s Stone—the unique touchstone or magical essence formed through the union of soul and spirit within that can transform any situation or thing in our lives. No one can create a stone for us, and no two stones are alike. The Lesser Stone is a term used for the first formation of the stone upon awakening at stage four, but it’s a fragile conjunction susceptible to breakdown, thus we undergo subsequent procedures and take the Second journey in order to form the second or Greater Stone within the heart.

The process of raising consciousness beyond the limits of duality and into oneness is a lesson in alchemy. Historically, alchemy focused on the processes by which we might transform base metals into precious metals, such as lead into gold. Although many historical alchemists pursued the literal transmutation of one substance into another, the core principles of alchemy reflect spiritual transfiguration, with physical changes being a secondary manifestation of the inner changes taking place. In healing the heart center, we are brought to the cusp of this evolutionary process. Once we arrive at this plateau, we must make a concerted effort to rise to the next level in growth. This is where we stop identifying with the world of the material plane altogether and find our awareness moved into the realm of the unseen. Even the word spirit denotes an invisible essence, something that is just out of reach or comprehension in the physical world. The heart recognizes this quality, and embracing it yields dynamic change in our life.

The art of alchemy is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In a historical sense, the chemical reactions and mathematics explored by early alchemists gave rise to the modern science of chemistry. But even amidst the birth of a hard science, alchemy followed a spiritual directive. Today the notion of alchemy has mostly been reduced to the search for the philosopher’s stone. It has been veiled as a romanticized treasure hunt, one that possibly yields unimaginable wealth and eternal life. The true work of the alchemist, however, isn’t oriented around the physical world; it is a spiritual journey that uplifts and refines the heart.

Literature has favored a technical approach to alchemy. Obscure tomes are littered with arcane symbols and complex rites and formulas depicting the Great Work of the alchemists. However, alchemy could also be seen as an art so simple that it could be written on an emerald. Alchemy is not a process to be explored with reason alone, for it is the process of reuniting our heart with the divine mind. Thus, the master alchemist is our own heart. Listening to our heart and actively working to remember its union with Source are the only tasks we need to perfect.

When we stay engaged in spiritual practice, our life begins to change. These shifts may be small at first—almost imperceptible—but will grow exponentially with diligence. The outcome of healing the heart center is a return to Source, the source of all love, and this change is so radical that it empowers the heart to transfigure our entire life to become congruent with this spiritual perspective. As ego dissolves, the conventional separation between heart and mind yields to a state of perfect heart-mind unity, and, similarly, other tokens of duality or conflict in the material world are reworked into the truth of unity.

Spirit is the basis for inspiration. It is literally the act of being filled by spirit, and it applies equally as well to the breath as it does to creative pursuits. In both instances we empty ourselves in order to receive the blessings of life itself. Medieval texts describe “spirits” as vapors or energy fields originating from the heart, not unlike how the heart center, or Anahata, of ayurvedic tradition is closely linked to the air element and to the breath. Whichever view you choose, the heart orchestrates our existence, as it is at the center of our physical and nonphysical anatomy.

The very hollowness of our physical heart reminds us to become empty as the alchemical crucible. By focusing on a spiritually oriented paradigm of the heart, we start to lose our attachment to the mundane, dualistic world. The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness. In this awakening, we cultivate a direct, continuous relationship with Creator, and through this relationship, unconditional love transforms everything that it touches in our lives.

The stones that support the process of heart-centered alchemy have uplifting, opening, and evolutionary energy. These crystals are often described as “high-frequency” stones, for they have tangible effects that border on becoming overwhelming, especially when we are not quite ready for them. Use them with respect and a modicum of caution, as it is easy to overload the energy field when being introduced to these alchemical gemstones. These Stones for Alchemy of the Heart accelerate our spiritual growth. They clarify and strengthen our connection to Source and speed up our processes of manifestation, growth, and healing. As they broadcast their energies into our aura, these gems fine-tune and elevate the consciousness of the heart, assisting it in broadening and strengthening its influence. When the heart is fully awakened, it can be harnessed to transmute any aspect of our existence into its highest potential. Thus, the pinnacle of healing the heart can be considered the noblest form of alchemy.

The individual frustrations and social tragedies of our time are leading men of conscience and goodwill to search for some alembic that will transmute our leaden instincts into golden conduct.

For alchemy truly was a profound marriage of science and spirituality. Its actual aim was for the alchemist to transmute from a state of “leaden” earthly awareness to one of “golden” spiritual perfection. And its core philosophy is that an underlying and all-pervasive energy or consciousness connects everyone with everything, all with all, mind with body, and biology with psychology.

Within the individual, it is coming into true wholeness. In an interior alchemy, our leaden, fragmented self is transmuted into gold, its true nature and highest expression. Whether we then are immortal, as the alchemists predicted, is a mystery beyond knowing.

⦁ The esoteric alchemist’s aim was to transmute the base metals of ignorance into the gold of awareness.
⦁ Turning base metal into gold is a metaphor referring to the psychological transmutation of turning the leaden aspects of our mind into the golden strands of consciousness.
⦁ The objective was to transmute leaden consciousness into golden consciousness. It was to transmute bondage into freedom and poverty into prosperity through a direct rapport with the Higher Self.
⦁ The Philosopher’s Stone – the latter was said to be the catalyst for the transmutation of lead to gold. In alchemical writings, this was often viewed as a metaphor for the transmutation of the self from the crude ego-bound person to the awakened spiritual human.
⦁ “This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.
⦁ The alchemical steps which lead to the making of gold were processes in their own bodies and built up and vitalized organs. This body of gold was to be transmuted out of the ordinary body, which is like lead. The symbols of transmutation: Both the body and the psyche can be transmuted, or refined and perfected, by means of a regenerative transformation which is psycho-spiritual alchemy.
⦁ For alchemy truly was a profound marriage of science and spirituality. Its actual aim was for the alchemist to transmute from a state of “leaden” earthly awareness to one of “golden” spiritual perfection.
⦁ The very hollowness of our physical heart reminds us to become empty as the alchemical crucible. By focusing on a spiritually oriented paradigm of the heart, we start to lose our attachment to the mundane, dualistic world. The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness.
⦁ The master alchemist is our own heart. Listening to our heart and actively working to remember its union with Source are the only tasks we need to perfect.
⦁ The process of raising consciousness beyond the limits of duality and into oneness is a lesson in alchemy. Historically, alchemy focused on the processes by which we might transform base metals into precious metals, such as lead into gold.
⦁ The soul in its chaotic, unregenerate state is lead.
⦁ The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness.
⦁ Hermeticism could have to do with transmuling the “lead” of ordinary experience into the “gold” of consciousness.
⦁ We can learn the art of transmutation, that process philosophers and alchemists dreamed of long ago by means of which we might turn the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization. Transmutation of the human identity into lasting awareness of the Self cannot take place unless it is preceded by a process of individuation.

The true alchemical trnasformation is the true gold of conscious realization of the Self, redeemed from the leaden matter of its unconscious existence – a emergent evolution, an alchemical vessel that takes our leaden thoughts and turns them into gold- a flame burning and purifying the ignoble leaden condition until it reaches the sublime golden state

The ordinary state of the body and ego is the slumbering state of leaden consciousness, so civilisation has been kept in this state of mind for eons, thosuends of years, generation after generation by the controllers of this planet.

The slumbering state of the veil of ignorance may be the leaden consciounsess that´s keeping humankind trapped and imprisoned within matter, and prevents the spark of life to become enlighten. “This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.

Man’s inner self hides various latent and active abilities which expand his being, his consciousness, beyond the physical. An alchemical process can occur whereby the leaden ego is transmuted into the gold of the Self.

Blessings is said to set in motion a series of neurobiological shifts within the brain of the recipient by which previously dormant functions of the frontal lobes are activated; this eventually results in a new enlightened perception of reality.

We cannot activate the future circuits of our CNS/RNA-DNA systems until we start developing a new language for it Meditation activates the inner Language of Light. Consciounsess is Light, and Light is Spiritual Intelligence. Meditation is like building a spiritual bridge were spiritual energy or electricity can flow through the system. Meditation activates the lamp and electricty and activates dormant light codes of higher level of consciousness. Meditation activates this spiritual alechemy and meditation it the experience that will make the lamp to shine brigher and brigher. It has taken thousends of years of conditioning to downgrading gold consciousness to the lead consciousness, and it will take some time re-connect, re-program to re-store this inner temple.

Language of Light and DNA Light Codes Activation

Each of us holds light codes in our energetic body that are connected with our DNA, these light codes are pre-set to activate higher consciousness at different stages of one’s life. Everyone’s are different; you can speed up the activation with Light Language, meditation, light body activation, and with assistance from inner guides, and one also activates these light codes during the travel to your home star during mediation.

On your journey toward self-realization, you start out as an apprentice Alchemist. Eventually, you will acknowledge the urges and impulses that compel you to seek knowledge that will empower your transformation.

To accelerate the process of attaining the ‘golden consciousness’ that unlocks the full might of your Inner Power, requires the presence of a catalyst. The most powerful catalyst in the metaphysical Universe is the Philosopher’s Stone. The Stone will accelerate your growth exponentially and grant you access to true power.

According to medieval alchemists, the key to activating The Philosophers Stone is with a substance they called Vitriol. The word Vitriol derives from the Latin word vitreus, meaning glass, referring to the glassy appearance of the sulphate salts. For example, blue vitriol is copper sulphate and green vitriol is iron sulphate. Vitriol was so important to the alchemists because it is extremely corrosive. In fact, it can dissolve every metal it encounters, except for the one that they were seeking — Gold. Gold is the only metal that can resist the corrosive action of Vitriol!

Pay particular attention to the wording on the outside of the emblem, which says Visita Interiora Terrce Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapideni. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that it is also an acronym spelling V.I.T.R.I.O.L. This then is the secret formula to producing the esoteric alchemists Vitriol. So what does it mean?

Translated, it simply says ‘Visit the interior of the earth and, by purifying it, you will find the hidden stone’. The interior of the earth is a metaphor for consciousness or awareness. So, to forge the stone, you purify your awareness to the point that mind is transcended entirely. That is, to enter the state of ‘no-mind’, also known as ‘cessation’.

Hence, the Philosophers Stone is not a thing, not a stone, but the state of mind that transcends mind and its polarity altogether. It is to abide in the domain of First Cause, of Pure Awareness itself. During these brief windows of cessation, you achieve the integration of the part with the whole, the local with the non-local, the finite with the infinite. The contemplative traditions refer to this state of being as Cosmic or Unity Consciousness. You experience the brilliant radiance of your own true nature, Pure Awareness itself. Like Vitriol, Pure Awareness dissolves everything in its presence, except for true gold. As a result of repeated exposure to the Stone, you take the individual (part), infuse it with the Universal (whole), and take both back to your everyday life. It results in the ultimate realization of your essential whole/part nature. To produce the Stone is to unite with your wholeness and to open a window to the causal domain of the metaphysical Universe.
When we are forced into the left-brain by our conditioning, we find ourselves in an artificial world, like the unconscious residents of the Matrix. We are outside creation, separated by our beliefs from the natural world. The unconscious nature of our beliefs forces us to view nature as separate from ourselves; we can no longer see how we affect what we experience.

Despite this bleak picture of the cosmos, some gnostics still held that there is a mixing of the light from God, or beyond, with the darkness of these imprisoned realms.

Within this framework, then, humans are prisoners. Humans are considered to be composed of flesh, soul, and spirit’s seems to use soul and spirit interchangeably. The body and soul are the result of the cosmic powers/gods who imbue them with the passions and appetites of the lower spheres and are therefore subjected to the created prison. The spirit, on the other hand, is seen as having fallen from the beyond and is held captive by the body and its liberation, its awakening, only comes via knowledge.” This spirit is sometimes seen as the presence of an inner “Self,” that is “the transcendent and true subject of salvation.

‘Salvation is viewed as a reuniting with this part of ones self.” However, while trapped, this spirit longs for freedom for it is understood to be slumbering in matter; to be asleep.” “‘Ignorance’ is:’ therefore, “the essence of mundane existence.”” It is an ignorance of one’s spirit about itself and about the transcendent God” because of this slumbering. This spirit is also considered to be battled for by the various forces of creation.” Hence, God’s true “Life” is seen as being trapped inside the body,” as well as within this cosmic prison, while the body is seen as being totally impure and not to be trusted along with the rest of the material and lower realms?

Spiritual empowerment is the personal awakening to its power. We have all the opportunity to awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings in a biological body. Humans is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The body likes to be in control (through five senses) and the spirit has to be awakened to its power. That is the process of becoming aware that we are more than humans with bodies. Once we become aware, we start a process of transformation that requires us to set up our sights on the intention of heightened awareness.

Sometime is the evolutionary history Earth was throught these unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities made to their domain and they went about rearranging the D.N.A of native human species through genetic manipulation and through unplug the other 10 spiritual dna strands (the 98% junk dna) so the human race would be manageable and easier to control. Therefore, everything that was unnecessary for survival was disconnected. Man was left just with a subconsciousness script and code that controls the template of the 2 dna strand of the carbon-body of humans.

The 2 dna strand hold the genetic codes for our physical evolution. But there is another part of our DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the human being, one that science has not presently considered. If one is persuaded that the human being consists of a soul imbedded within a biological body, then it should logically follow that the genetic links within each individual would also contain spiritual infonnation. And if this is so what has become of it?

Many of these spiritual elements were deliberately turned off in our ancient history because there was a struggle to control this aspect of a human being. Very dark energy extraterrestrial forces, who were also genetic engineers, desired to keep the development of humankind firmly under their control. They achieved this through the use of genetic manipulation to produce fear and domination. This event occurred over 200,000 years ago, when the human DNA molecule was breached. When these dark forces unravelled and reprogrammed our DNA, they were able to shut down and isolate many of its strands. Our human DNA was reduced to only a double helix.

Each cell is part of the body’s hard drive, the official memory source. When conditions in the environment change, the D.N.A. mutates so the body-computer can compensate for survival. When we drug our bodies with pollutants, the information processing unit (the brain) and the hard drive (the cells) become corrupted, much like a computer that has been affected with a virus program. The virus slows down the flow of information and energy, and when this happens, disease occurs.

The Ego´s own Alchemy is Fear, Ego survives solely through attachment and fear is the bounding link of attachment and control, like a virus, which cannot function independently from its host cell. The true alchemical transformation is the true gold of conscious realization of the Self.

This veil of ignorance holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past-present-future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

As long as we allow the archon-controlled powers to suppress our vibration using fear tactics, we will have great difficulty progressing as a people. Fear is a sure fire way to shut down our vortex of creation and turn us into impotent spirits that can be easily manipulated in mass. As long as our vibration is kept low we will be docile pawns in the hands of the new world order desired by the archons.

Of course the answer to fear is to raise our vibration by not being afraid of anything, what good will that do anyway? Once we align with our vortex of creation and see our power as infinite consciousness, all fear (and the archons promoting it) will dissipate and the world will change.

Archons are known to focus their attention on complete control of entire planets through processes of manipulation of the minds of the inhabitants. The archons gain power through our fear, but they do not have more spiritual power than a human who vibrates on the frequency of love. Moreover, according to the scriptures, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear is tormenting. He who fears is not made perfect in love.

The main point is to just work on yourself, find your own connection and have confidence. Yes the Human mind over time, as it has been conditioned, has be conditioned to give you doubt, that is part of the Archon trait which was also given to the Human body computer, this is distraction. Anything with distraction and hierarchy is an illusion and is not coming from a place of love and serviced, it is a distraction.

Within the human being too a sharp distinction is drawn between body and spirit. Each person has a divine spark (pneuma), which comes from the divine world of light and has fallen into this world. The Archons try with all their might to keep these sparks imprisoned on earth and in humans, so as to prevent them from ascending to the divinity, of which they were originally a part. The divine spark or inner person is asleep, but must awaken and be liberated by means of knowledge (gnosis) both concerning God and humanity and its world. This knowledge is gained when an envoy from the world of light manages to get past the Archons to wake up the inner person and give him or her gnosis.

The soul is held captive by matter and placed under the tyranny of outside cosmic forces alien to its true life. Yet it contained a divine spark, and by “knowledge” (gnosis) might free itself and win its way back to the sphere from which it came. Release comes through “self-knowledge” (hence the name, gnosis) and an awakening to the real meaning and dimen-sion of life. This “salvation” was attained by intellectual illumination, assisted by abstinence and asceticism. Hence, the gnostic literature is punctuated with calls to become self-aware and arouse oneself from sleep. Ignorance is a form of sleep or slumbering state. So the Archons don´t want humankind to awaken from this ignorance by opening the “third eye” of intuition. The third eye dissolves ignorance and the state of duality and ego, and the outcome is then “Oneness”.

Man is composed of flesh, soul, and spirit. The body and soul are creations designed to hold captive the spirit, which is a spark of the divine substance from the highest God. The spirit embedded in body and soul is unconscious of itself, asleep, deadened by the poison of the world. While asleep, the spirit reincarnates from one human life to the next. Only the proper knowledge can awaken and liberate the divine spark. The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the spirit, the “inner man,” from the prison of the world and his return to his native realm of light.

The masters of deception exist within their own group complex as discarnate entities within the astral planes of the mental, emotional, and psychic levels of experience. They feed off of the negative energy of those they infect to keep themselves going. They have to do this because they are disconnected from the indwelling life force by refusing to abide by what you call the higher organizing intelligences’ incantational principles. They spend their time traveling our world and attaching themselves to humans vulnerable to them, basically using the dark side of the force (negativity) to achieve their means.

They sought to steal the power of her soul unto themselves, so that the Soul of the World and the Light of humanity would be their own. It has always been this way since humankind has walked in the world. The demiurgos and archons cloud the minds of human beings so that they cannot see the divinity within themselves and remain as beasts of the field, driven by hidden spiritual forces.

The Archons wanted take the free man and make him slave to them forever, and limiting their access to the divine connection, and therefore keep souls enslaved to their principles of the world.

As long as it is ignored, it takes root in our heart and dominates us. We become its slaves, and such is our enslavement that we are compelled to do things that we do not want to do, and are unable to do the things we want to do. If we are not conscious of the archons within us, they fall into the shadow, and that suits the archons just fine. From there they can carry on their diabolical activities unhindered. Liberating the soul begins with recognising the darkness.

Once our conscious and subconscious self has become infused with a new path, and convinced against the former, you will then possess within your living-soul the required information that will allow your soul to remain “aware and alert” at the moment it needs to rebel against their Archon entrapment. Archons using all forms of mind control technology – and programs of mind control — or soul enslavement — and using entanglement psychology to binding the mind to lower vibrational frequencies. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there.

The human mind is overpowered by deep ignorance and covered by dense darkness in sleep where the real Self is obstructed by dark and dense clouds of ignorance. The denser we find the cloud to be the more we attain the invisible light within the cloud.

To be able to enslave everyone they need a Matrix, they need the mass consciousness and they need to have control over perception (the ego).

By controlling our perception of reality they can manipulate our thoughts at the source, keeping us trapped under their spell, in a constant state of bewilderment and fear, unwitting slaves to unseen masters. Things are looking bleak. We are within the Archons’ evil clutches. Humanity is teetering on the edge of total enslavement. Game over: The reptiles win.

But that doesn’t have to be our fate. There is a glimmer of hope. The Archons have one fatal weakness: They must work in the dark, in secret. When their plans are exposed to the light, Icke says, the spell is broken, and their control system will topple like a house of cards. And there’s a change in the air. More and more people are opening their minds, waking up, beginning to shake off the shackles of the Archons and their humanoid minions. If we keep up the momentum, the Archons will be defeated, and the shadow will be lifted. There will be a new dawn. Humanity will come together again as one consciousness, and we will reclaim our rightful place in the cosmos.

The Matrix hold its binding powers of bondage by staying beneath the radar screen of the human conscious and awareness. In other terms this mean to keep humankind in the slumbering state of the mind (with low awareness and conscious), or in the dream-state, or the sleep stasis, that then makes the mind mechanical and automatized, and this then hides reality, hides the real self, hides all other dimensions. The Matrix becomes the experienced virtual reaility – for this is how humans are designed to think. The Matrix on Earth is a farm, a kind of factory, and what it manufactures and processes is emotions (the matrix of emotions and the generator of emtions is the ego and the five passion senses).

This life we are living is based primarily on ego and emotions. As earth is a reflection of heaven, so the ego is a reflection of the real self. Therefore, in our efforts to grow beyond the earth we must attempt to overcome the level of reflection that comprises the ego and emotions. Earth is made of water and the moon controls all waters, and waters means emotions, so the second water-moon chakra controls the emotions and the second chakra is also “the mind” (the matrix). The Matrix, “the ego”, the mind, the second water-moon chakra has been designed to feed on primarily on the negative emotions, those of fear and frustration, anger and despair, pain and misery – and to be conducive to the production of such emotions.

The planetary suffering will continue on this planet until the curse is broken. Whoever attempts to break this curse is attacked with a relentless force of dark beings, which keeps the curse in place. Like the Medieval group known as the Cathars, the Gnostics believed that the Devil rules the material world, and in order to be free of the Devil one must free oneself of material possessions. They understood that this lower Earth matrix keeps us attached through our attachment to material possessions. The Gnostic creation myth is unique in that it includes how inorganic alien beings came into our universe, our world and our minds. In a text called, Nag Hammadi, the Gnostics describe their visionary journeys, and it is in these journeys that they discover the Archons. What you will see from the Gnostic description of the Archons. The word Archon is often used to describe any powerful being in the fourth dimension who psychically attacks the Light and infects humans with dark energy. What the Gnostics discovered is that these Archons infect the human mind, and pull it downward into darker, less evolved states of being. They affect the human mind with subliminal conditioning techniques.

There was once a golden age of humanity. It was a time of harmony and bliss. Our ancient ancestors lived in perfect interconnectedness with each other and with the universe. There were no wars, no famines, no pollution; everyone just got along. Then the peace was rudely shattered. A sinister power began casting a dark shadow over humanity. A conspiracy was afoot. For millennia now, the conspirators have been secretly implementing an elaborate control system, designed to suppress our natural connection to the cosmos and keep us trapped in a state of constant fear and confusion. The modern world is a shrine to their hidden machinations. The mainstream media, the education system, science, politics, and Western medicine are all tools of the conspiracy, used to control our minds and keep us subservient. Everything that happens in the world—every war, recession, natural disaster, and terrorist attack—is engineered by secret cabals of dark-suited men in smoke-filled boardrooms. But that, Icke says, is just the outer rim of the rabbit hole. These earthly oppressors are merely the puppets of an even more sinister enemy. The true perpetrator of this heinous plot, according to Icke, is a race of interdimensional reptilian aliens called Archons. And the conspiracy, he says, goes beyond our five senses. The Archons feed off human energy like vampires. They have a particular taste for fear and hatred, and they harvest our darkest emotions by keeping us trapped within a virtual reality prison. Our universe is nothing more than a hologram, Icke explains, and the Archons have hacked into the very fabric of the cosmos.

As you believe something, you give it power; when you generate emotions around the thought, you enforce the object of your belief, gelling it, so to speak, into physical form. Even if you don’t consciously affirm/confirm a particular belief, if you don’t question or even are not aware of the underlying belief, it means that you implicitly believe in it and are part of the social agreement. When masses of people adhere to a collective belief, their consciousness has a collective creative effect. If you are born into this system, you are educated into what is considered to be real by everyone around you, and you never come to see the cage of beliefs that surrounds you, nor do you understand your own participation and complicity in supporting the system. The Controllers very cleverly use the creative power of each individual by getting them to agree upon a system of belief that supports the Controllers who hold the puppet strings of the human collective. They need the collective for its energetic mass—the reality that is created by consensual agreement. While there is certainly a personal reality system for every individual on Earth, the sheer pressure of the collective agreement makes it very hard for an individual to rise in vibration and attain his own personal freedom outside the collective agreement.

The Matrix, while disempowering the humans that supply the Matrix its power. The Matrix uses your innate creative power to sustain a world that doesn’t benefit you. The Matrix is set up to control and dominate us; we are its subjects as long as we remain ignorant of our own power. A new, amazing future is arriving. We are all facing a decision: we can choose to stay in the Matrix or leave it for a life of freedom.

Humans are programmed from an early age to help strengthen and contribute energy to the energy grid created by the Archons.

The grid is controlled by an artificial intelligence, which now controls the Archons (The Lower Light) due to them creating it to do so, it runs their program.

This program has a safe guard and virus protector to protect them from their program being bought down. There is a frequency in your Solar System, trying to keep you all under control through low vibrational frequencies.

The logical, left part of our brain has its own safety mechanism that does not necessarily want any intrusive or outlandish right-brain possibilities to have their unlimited expression. It would disturb its sense of security. It has an inbuilt defence mechanism that protects its current understanding of the world; the nutshell of its existence. Thus it sometimes labels incoming psychic impressions as silly, made up or just the workings of the imagination.

Cracking this nutshell is therefore something that is usually done slowly and safely in order to protect our delicate psyche. Opening to the possibility of channelling guides from the inner planes is mostly a creative exercise that promotes communication across the Corpus Callosum, the neural information highway located between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Divine search progress upwards: up, and through the neural pathway, across the corpus callosum, the bridge that spans the brain’s hemispheres, down the lateral fissure and into the deep brain. He concentrated on the one area of the mind not yet conquered; the Limbic system. It was here, in the seat of Emotions and Cognitive connections, that he was to find his destiny.

Through this pathway, he was able to find the Godspace, this designated area into which no downloads could be downloaded. It was here that no binary key would fit into its neural lock.

With the capability to recycle Souls within the Solar System, the reincarnation process here in the Universe has affected the other Universes in evolving also. That will soon change, which is why all this is happening now. The Archons (The Lower Light) are able to capture, trick and recycle Souls here. They have been able to basically recycle their power source, which is negative emotional energy.

Technology can only be used within the constraints of how it is designed, how the culture perceives it, the knowledge that users have, and the society that has assimilated it. Undoubtedly, it funnels our experience into a certain pattern of behavior and thought. The Elite perpetuate the myth that we need technology and cannot disconnect from it. Technology is always harnessed to a particular end. Technology is not neutral. We think it frees us. We are free to walk within the prescribed parameters of the app or website we inhabit. That is not freedom. That is an animal in a digital cage, nothing more. The larger context is that Technology exists to enslave you…look beyond your immediate gratification to understand this. Currently, we are addicted to technology. That was the plan. It was on purpose. Technology reflects the Elite’s passions, capacities, and values. It is all about control and hypnotism.

Artificial intelligence is potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons because it can destroy humankind without any nucelar weapons is been used. The Ego´s own Alchemy is Fear, Ego survives solely through attachment and fear is the bounding link of attachment and control, like a virus, which cannot function independently from its host cell. “And yet the mind seems to act independently of the brain in the same sense that the programmer acts independently of the computer. The more they can keep you coming from the left side of the brain, the more easily you can be controlled, manipulated and programmed like a robotic being, and the easier it is to distract you from finding out who you truly are and what you are truly doing here. The leaft brain is also the core that is using fear to stay in control and power, and fear is also the component that opens up the channels for mental nefative programming of the mind. The ego has become the god behind these actions.

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