Alchemy is described alchemy as “changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the element of Love to create a desired result.” It’s a way of living your life with awareness and intention, returning to a conscious relationship with Creator. Alchemy is transforming the density of your physicality into the Living Light Body.

What is alchemy? Who Are the Ascended Masters?

What is alchemy?

Alchemy is described alchemy as “changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the element of Love to create a desired result.” It’s a way of living your life with awareness and intention, returning to a conscious relationship with Creator. Alchemy is transforming the density of your physicality into the Living Light Body.

Changing the frequency of thought

Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic. This is a very important concept.
When a thought is coupled with an emotion, the combined energies become
electromagnetically charged. The energies become amplified and set in motion.

Alchemy is the path of knowledge. One of the more difficult paths to enlightenment, reserved for the wise and intellectual. Traditionally that was so, but now is the time of alchemy.

A spirit that is at liberty will easily and quickfrfree another spirit of the same nature that is bound up and restrained. This is done first by reason of that adivig and generabilig which the free spirit is imbued with, secondfr by reason of the harmony, likeness and love betwixt them: This correlation is the cause that the exterior free spirit makes way into and joins with that spirit of salt included in the seed, and so does with more ease work upon him and excite him, for, as the proverb has it, like will easily go to like, and their unity is most intimate.

Now you must know that very spirit, when loose and floating in liquid bodies or liquors, is at liberty in this state, by the mediation of heat, it does (like a lodestone) attract to it the Ord that is under restraint, opening and dissolving the body which holds it in; and the restrained spirit itself (like a sensible prisoner) labours for life by conspiring and striving to be in action and afull communion with the other.

The free spirit by his sudden and subtile accession still exciting and strengthening him, and by this means so provokes him to action, as fire, does enkindle fire so that the body holding it must necessarily suffer a change and calcification, and comes to be putrefied by its own included spirit, whose operation before was obstructed and kept under; for the included spirit having acquired liberty and a power to be in action from the other, strives to get out and mine itself; and to that end breaks and destroys its first body and procures another new one.

So the spirit of salt of the earth, when it is dissolved in the unmixed humour of that element (since every salt melts in its own liquor) is then at liberglor every salt when it is once dissolved in its own liquor becomes active. Hence it is that a con, of wheat (in whose body, as if under lock and key, the spirit of vegetable salt is bound tp andfiltered) as soon as it is cast into the ground, is by & free spirit of the salt of the earth penetrated and opened, that the salt which lies dissolved or loose in that liquor or intnixed humour may excite the vegetable spirit in the corn of wheat to action and vegetation, which Ord being thus set at liberty does presently, by putrefaction of the corn or grain, produce in the wheat’s proper matrix the substance of the root (which is a new body) by whose mediation and deference the earth must afterwards (the spirit attracting it)communicate nutriment to the blade and the rest of this vegetable as it grows up and increases.

Who Are the Ascended Masters?

The ascended masters are our elder brothers and sisters on the spiritual path.
Having balanced their karma and fulfilled their unique mission, they have
graduated from earth’s schoolroom and ascended back to God in the ritual
known as the ascension. These masters are a part of a vast brotherhood of spiritual beings and angelic hosts who work with mankind for the betterment of life on earth.

When we accept that we are spirit first and are part of the Divine Oneness, we
take mastery of our destiny. Recognising that we are co-creators with the Divine,
with the power and responsibility this entails, we move into fifth gear, the fifth
dimension. Then we are able to travel smoothly along the road of life helping others
on their way. We let go of our lower will and dedicate our journey to a higher

When we decide to relax and enjoy the journey we open the sun roof to let in the
Light. That is Ascension.

Many people have fears and misconceptions about Ascension. Some think that itmeans rising up with their physical body, but this is not so. Two thousand years ago
that was the case, as the vibratory level of human beings could not sustain the
frequency of Light, but we have now evolved. So do not worry about leaving your
family. No one asks you to float out of the sun roof. At Ascension you stay firmly
and happily in the driving seat, directed by Source, God, the Creator or whatever
term you find acceptable for the Power in the universe.

At one time it was not possible to raise your frequency and stay in your
physical body but now it is. Most people who now ascend choose to stay on
Earth and serve humankind.

So if you choose to stay in your physical body on Ascension, you will live as you
did before, but you will glow, shimmer and radiate at a higher vibration. Feeling
joy, unconditional love and oneness with everyone, you will create for yourself
Heaven on Earth.

You will be in planetary service, so your personal needs and desires will no longer
be as important as your desire to serve All That Is.

As you become an Ascended Master your thoughts and words alone will
create. Therefore you will be incredibly powerful.

When the whole mass has turned black then you know it has putrefied completely. This is a great sign, because you will now be more than half way to completing the Stone.

When you find it black, know that in blackness whiteness is hidden, andyou must extract the same from his most subtle blackness. But after putrefaction it waxes red, not with a true redness, of which o; says: It is often red, and often of a citrine color, it often melts, and is often coagulated, before true whiteness.

[..] There appears also before whiteness the peacocks color, whereon one says thus, Knowyou that all I colors in the world, or that may be imagined, appear before whiteness, and afterward true whiteness follows.

When the body has turned totally white and all the moisture has disappeared you have the White Stone, which can either be fermented with silver, or continued to the maturity of the Red Stone.

The ferment (silver or gold) is not considered to be an “ingredient” of the Stone. The Stone i already developed when we apply the ferment, but it needs to be fermented in order to be used for our purposes. The Stone would be harmful if ingested without being fermented first

The Stone will break down the silver or gold into its own form, but adopt the frequency and stability of the ferment. The life-energy needs to be given an impression of a stable form.

the red tincture is obtained from gold, and the white tincture from silver. […] Without a proper ferment the Moon cannot become the Sun, but the substance, having nothing to prevent it from doing so, will again revert to water […] The weight of the ferment must exceed, or at least be equal to, the weight of its suPher.

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