After Kundalini rising, their visual field intensified and expanded to other dimensions like being able to see Angels. Our five senses can expand to greater dimensions because these senses are governed by our chakras.

Kundalini awakening and how outer forces preventing it from raising by using technology, the global world brain and one world government

Kundalini Empowering Human Evolution – According to the Kundalini Yoga, it takes twelve years of hard training to become capable and ready to lift this powerful inner force. However, it is true that one walking along the spiritual path can take giant steps forward only after the awakening of the Kundalini energy happens, so to fear this inner latent force is a totally wrong approach.

“The vital mechanism called Kundalini, connected with the lower end of the spine, … becomes active by means of certain exercises, and when once roused carries the limited human consciousness to transcendental heights, endowing the individual with incredible psychic and mental powers.” (Kundalini, the Evolutionary Energy in Man, Gopi Krishna, Chapter One)

‘I recalled that I had read long ago in books of Yoga of a certain vital mechanism called Kundalini, connected with the lower end of the spine, which becomes active by means of certain exercises and when once roused caries the limited human consciousness to transcendental heights, endowing the individual with incredible psychic and mental powers. Had I been lucky to fmd the key to this wonderful mechanism, which was wrapped up in the legendary mist of ages, about which people talked and whispered without having once seen it in action in themselves or in others?’

A few days after his first initial awakening, Gopi Krishna began to experience the more negative effects of this energy. He suffered terrible burning pains, as if he were burning from the inside out — a description that corresponds with what seems to have happened to some victims of spontaneous human combustion.’ Just as Gopi Krishna was about to succumb to what he believed to be his imminent death, a ‘hidden intelligence’ from within communicated to him through his intuition and told him exactly what to do and so he was then able to stabilize and control this formidable energy that had been released within him. If one’s initial experience is successful, like Krishna’s, then at the climax one experiences the inner sun — indeed, one actually becomes it — as the oscillations and vibrations of energy end with an explosion of bright white light at the centre of the head. This explosive energy seems to radiate outwards throughout all of creation. For the individual, this ecstatic experience, also known as nirvana, is one of ‘rebirth’: the mind becomes revitalized and flooded with new information and knowledge, and one attains a higher perception of oneself and the cosmos — what Buddhists call bodhi, enlightenment, or awakening to the true nature of reality. It is no surprise to learn that the pagan and Christian belief in resurrection and the Eastern belief in reincarnation all have their source in this experience.

According to the Kundalini Yoga, it takes twelve years of hard training to become capable and ready to lift this powerful inner force. However, it is true that one walking along the spiritual path can take giant steps forward only after the awakening of the Kundalini energy happens, so to fear this inner latent force is a totally wrong approach.

The best way to master this inner energy is to find a good guru who will guide you through the secrets of Kundalini Yoga. If you manage to find one, then you certainly are considered happy because the guru will take care of all the danger points along your long years of training. The guru will monitor all the stages of your spiritual development and he will safely guide you to the awakening of your Kundalini energy. However, to find a good, wise and experienced guru usually is a chance of one in a million, so many of you will have to take the other way which is far harder and not the safest one. Anyway, the Kundalini Yoga is primarily for the strongest that are determined to find the purpose of their own existence. If the nature loves you, it will provide you the way to reach what you are after.

When the Kundalini has been awaken and is in full power, you become a fire of a living knowledge, a user of incredible mental powers and driver of your own destiny. The law of Karma cannot touch you anymore, because you are above it, and the people that meet you, recognize divine incarnation in you. All the horizons of this and other worlds are open in your consciousness and you can move wherever you want with your higher bodies. Your eyes will always shine with wisdom, your heart will always bring the message of love and your deeds will always be full of compassion and friendship. With all respect for other systems of Yoga.

The Kundalini energy is usually symbolized with a three and a half time coiled female serpent, asleep or in a latent state in Muladhara chakra. The most important aspect of this chakra is being a shelter where the mighty Kundalini sleeps. According to the Tantric traditions the three coils of the serpent represent the three major aspects of nature: Sattva—harmony, Rajas-action and Tamas-inertia, while the half coil itself symbolizes the transcendental consciousness. Although the Kundalini Yoga and the Tantra have their differences, they both symbolize the latent power in humans in the shape of a sleeping goddess Kundalini Shakti as incarnation in the human body, which possesses potential to bring the ultimate light or darkness to the spirit.

However, although it is the lowest center in human’s spiritual evolution, the significance of the Muladhara chakra is very important and should be treated with great respect. The awakening of this primeval force is the beginning of the human evolution because mostly, the whole process starts here in Muladhara chakra.

The sixth center is called Ajna chakra and is a special center in human. It is located in the middle of the forehead at the pineal gland, and from the outside, it is marked as a point between the eyebrows. This chakra is also known as a third eye or command center because it controls all processes in the human body including the senses. In Sanskrit, Ajna means “Command” and that explains the specialty of this chakra: “High level of spiritual development in which the yogi’s mind can communicate with the mind of other person, and control it if necessary.” A psychically awaken person can observe the events that take place on an astral plane or even higher with this chakra. All paranormal abilities, which an individual latently possesses like: telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, levitation, materialization, ability to see aura and many more are possible only if Ajna chakra is functional. The level of consciousness is so high in this center that the yogi starts to see the hidden essence of all visible appearances. The yogi’s perception starts to change its focus and the yogi starts to see the light aura around all life forms. With the use of the Ajna chakra power, the yogi can easily read other people’s thoughts and intentions, make telekinetic influence on them. heal them. etc.

Therefore, when the third eye in one is open, the spirit is free to walk to other worlds. That kind of person is always fully conscious on an astral plane and enjoys the privilege of using the best performance the astral body can offer. In contrast to the average astral traveler, this kind of person is capable of taking long astral trips into deep space, and his/her stay there can be estimated between a few hours to a few days. However, when the mighty Kundalini reaches this chakra, it comes to a point where the three powerful streams Sushumna, Ida and Pingala nadi join again in one big stream of consciousness which goes straight to the highest chakra. Yet, despite the fact that the yogi’s consciousness is expanded beyond limits, the journey with the Kundalini Shakti is still not over because the final battle with the yogi’s own Ego remains to be won in the highest chakra. If the yogi succeeds to win there, the Nirvana will be his/her.

The true disciple must always be very cautious when some chakra becomes active. This especially concerns Ajna chakra because when this center becomes active, an explosion of all kinds of psychic experiences accompanied with unusual symptoms that sometimes are difficult to be explained emerges. In most cases when Ajna chakra starts to manifest its true nature one starts to gain psychic powers like astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis, ability to heal, super hearing, etc. Therefore, when that happens, the disciple has to be very careful because there is a good chance to become blinded by the shine of those psychic powers, as much as to start feeling a strong urge to use them for selfish reasons. To avoid the seductive nature of mental powers the disciple has to focus on his or her spiritual heart with the intention to remain modest and on the right path. Usually, most of the disciples fail this test and start to feed their own Ego. When these abilities manifest themselves, the Ego is the first thing that comes out from the shadow and creates an illusion of greatness. Thus, the disciples start to think of themselves as of beings of a higher rank and see other people as beings of a lower rank. Worst of all, they cannot resist the desire to demonstrate their abilities wherever they go. That is a totally wrong path and it will jeopardize their further spiritual evolution.

Sahasrara is the seventh and the highest of all the chakras. Its location is in the aura above human’s head, but its lower boundary still touches the physical body on the crown of the head. This chakra contains the vibrations of all other chakras and awakes only if the disciple is fully ready for it. Despite the fact that there is a global opinion about Ajna chakra being the home of the highest power, I believe that this is a wrong belief. The greatest spiritual power lies in Sahasrara and not in Ajna chakra. The Sanskrit translation of the word Sahasrara explains everything – “Thousand-Petal Lotus”.

In the Kundalini Yoga, each chakra is symbolized with its own number of petals, but Sahasrara has the most. The symbolic meaning for thousand petals of Sahasrara is the thousand spiritual powers in humans that lead them to the highest point of spiritual evolution. It leads the yogi to a power and knowledge beyond normal human understanding. This chakra is beyond all experiences because the spirit that observes the act of observing and the object of observing become one. The consciousness is at the top level and faces maximum expansion.

When Kundalini Shakti reaches this point of spiritual height, the consciousness of the yogi that has passed the three main energy channels, awaken all lower chakras and come to the door of Sahasrara explodes and disperses into a million pieces and rejoins again in one big mighty unity. One consciousness fades away until it dies and a new purified and illuminated one is born. The Ego and all its manifestations are destroyed in the final battle and the yogi has been set free from the eternal circle of life and death.

That is an experience of Nirvana. It is a state of the spirit that only a few – the most worthy ones will be lucky to experience during their lifetime. A very interesting fact is that the nature of the Kundalini energy is bipolar but when it rises and reaches Sahasrara chakra it becomes mono polar or one complete unity. This unity of Kundalini born in Sahasrara chakra, in ancient India was called “The great joining of Shiva and Shakti”.

In the old scripts of Kundalini Yoga, Shiva and Shakti represent the male and female principle in humans. In Sahasrara, the ecstasy of the spirit is infinite and new horizons (greater than the ones opened when Kundalini was passing through the Ajna chakra); appear in front of the yogi. No word can describe this experience, which in fact, is the highest spiritual achievement.

Anyhow, the things that follow come as a result of a very long practice and hard years of training of special techniques that are tightly related to these parapsychological powers:

⦁ Astral projection
⦁ Remote viewing
⦁ SP and Clairvoyance
⦁ Telepathy
⦁ Psychometria
⦁ Aura observing
⦁ Psychokinesis

Mind is an expression or characteristic of has access only to the limited consciousness of three dimensions, whereas consciousness itself is unlim-ited. Extraordinary effort has to be made to enable the mind to experience another dimension without being shattered in its imagined foundation.

That is why anything beyond mind cannot be expressed. At that point the yogi keeps silent – there is no other choice. In Eastern thought, mind is considered one of the senses. It is seen as a sixth sense. Like the other senses, the various characteristics of the mind must also be discovered and explored. Life is perceived through the saws, and mind acts as the interpreter.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the mind’s incredible abilities, powers and creativity, and their effect on that interpretation. This is very little un-derstood or thought about in daily life, nor is the power of Choice recognized. This fact has a great deal of power and should play an important pan in all human interaction. The need for security and simplicity prevents us from expanding our old limits in order to discover new territo-ry, greater possibilities. Science is “breathless” at the possibility of mind over matter, yet experiences and evidence are rejected because they shatter well-established concepts.

As in many other areas of life. there are only a few who are keen to explore the mind, prepared and willing to cake risks and rise above their mental-emotional needs for security and reputation. The molding and development of the mind into new areas is a great challenge. If the ot. intact of another dimension has never been intellectually considered, the shock an indeed be devastating when such an experience beyond the ordinary occurs.

Each aspirant goes through some incredible “hells.” having to let go of all mental. and thereby emotional. security in order to go beyond accepted limits of the mind. The path often seems cruel and unbearable. As time passes, things do not become easier. but increasing insight shows that what has been thrown off has really been an unnecessary burden.

Through self-purification and an appropriate course of disciplines, you can benefit from it more immediately by inviting it into your life as a powerful transformative force. In its hidden state, the Kundaini is said to be sheer potentiality. This is only relatively correct, for the energy is always active on your behalf, maintaining all the subtle energetic processes that underlie your physical and mental structures and functions. In its awakened state, however, the Kundaini is an incredible agency of transformation, spiritual growth, and at last enlightenment.

After Kundalini rising, their visual field intensified and expanded to other dimensions like being able to see Angels. Our five senses can expand to greater dimensions because these senses are governed by our chakras. When the chakra increase in vibration and expand, it affects our sight, hearing, smell, touch, and thoughts. This is why Kundalini is truly the path towards mind, body, heart, and Soul empowerment. The energy brings intensity to our thoughts, actions and words. Working with this energy will increase a person’s magnetism in creating what they want in life. I have read about people going through spontaneous physical healings from Kundalini awakenings. There are so many positive results from Kundalini awakening it is truly the energy of joyful transformation!

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