The Illuminati are irresistable because they have paralyzing economic power and many methods of control and subjugation, which are indispensable to this power elite who run the world behind the scenes. They have complete control over all borrowing and lending, financial systems, banks, insurance companies, and building supplies. The control system of the Illuminati controls ALL the universities and the whole educational system. They created the degenerate liberal systems of education, and the schools of sociology, education, economics, and politics. The degenerate educational system is corrupted, because through the power of funding by big business, men working with the Illuminati were inserted into the universities. Once in, their men spread their influence downward through primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Tie human powers ruling the system of the world have enormous influence through the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England and Ihe Council of Foreign Relations are two similar organizations

The method the Illuminati use to control people is to put one side against the other, a theory devised by Hegel which says, “Thesis verses antithesis equals synthesis.” They create forces, knowing that EVERY FORCE HAS AN OPPOSITE COUNTERFORCE, and with unconscious humans, conflict between the two creates the synthesis,