What is the ascension, then? The ascension is the acceleration of consciousness. Without the ascension, there is no other reason for living. It is the goal of Life, the purpose of existence on earth. It is our reason for being. It is our reason for coming into incarnation over and over again until we realize that purpose, balance our misuses of energy and finally find that pathway on the steps of initiation to return to the heart of God. If you comb through the scriptures of the world, you will find mention of the ascension here and there. You will find examples of it. You will find it called “soul liberation,” “nirvana,” “samadhi”—all types of states of consciousness that do represent the acceleration, the intensification, the actual stepping up of the spin of the electrons around your atoms, the stepping up of the energy in the core of the atom. This is the meaning of ascension

The key chakra of the temple is the heart, because within the secret chamber of the heart center is the threefold flame of life. The threefold flame of life is one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at all hours of the day and night. And therefore right within