The redeemed seed, the Solar Plexus, is free of the consciousness of gravity, that is the consciousness that congnisized the energies of belonging to earth. This means that the redeemed Son can raise the energies of the Base of the Spine Chakra which corresponds to the element of earth, to the plane of the Solar Plexus, which is water, thus becoming buoyant, maintaining perfect balance on the horizon of air and water. Hence the seed can walk upon the water, as his weight is Lighter than the force of gravity and displaces less weight as Mass, in and the water

“The guru awakens the kundalini force. And this brings a surge of love for the guru. The awakening of love is grace, because it is beyond your control and feels like the greatest gift you could possibly receive. Bhakti arrives unbidden, mysteriously. Actually, now your Kundalini should not be any